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REVIEW: Sunnysoft World off-line for Smartphone 2002
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 24.07.03 - 13:07:39 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 8490x
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Many users who come from PDA devices like Pocket PCs or Palms are addicted to offline services like AvantGo or Mazingo and really miss the functionality to read web sites offline on a Microsoft Smartphone 2002 as well; since these applications aren't available today for the Smartphone platform. Well, you might wonder now why to read sites offline if you have an always connected Smartphone? There are several good reasons: saving money by using less airtime, no coverage (like in airplanes or trains), International Roaming, etc…
Czech Sunnysoft now released World off-line for Smartphone 2002 which already exists for Pocket PCs and it's a powerful tool to download web sites to your Smartphone to be viewed later offline.

World off-line comes as a stand alone application for the Smartphone and doesn't requires any counterpart on the Desktop PC for synchronization. However, it can use Microsoft's ActiveSync PassThrough as well as GPRS for synchronization. This makes you independent enough to sync whenever you want but synchronization doesn't starts automatically like you might know it from AvatGo but you have to start it on your Smartphone by yourself of by a predefined time schedule you can define.

World off-line gives you the complete flexibility to sync more or less every website you want since you have to enter the URL and some more details into the client 8however, you can also import predefined channels from Sunnysoft's World off-line site). Also supported is HTTPS, authentication as well as a complete set of settings like link depth on the server/external links, image settings, etc.

An important functionality is how World off-line stores the received date since storage space is still limited on Smartphones. First of all the good news – World off-line is designed to be installed on a storage card as well, so you don't have to "waste" phone memory and also the data can be saved on a storage card. In fact you can define where you want to store the received data which are in addition compressed to save even more memory. That's one of the most important facts for me because I'm always on the space limit with my Smartphone's
Because World off-line "simply" downloads the HTML code form the URLs you've defined and the build-in Internet Explorer is used for the output, you also don't see any real differences between online and offline access. World off-line doesn't reformats the HTML like AvantGo does (for example the "valign="left" tag isn't supported by AvantGo today; the reason why PPCW.Net looks different in AvantGo then in real life) but shows you what you would also get if you would access the site via GPRS.

Above you see, that PPCW.Net wasn't accessed online but offline. I had to check the properties myself to believe that it wasn't the online version. ;-)

Final Conclusion

Sunnysoft's World off-line is the perfect for all news freaks that want to take away the latest news and views and don't want to pay every time airtime for the Internet access. I haven't found any real downsides while I've used and tested it during the past days. Maybe the import of favorites I would like to see improved. As I said before, you can import site settings, e. g. from Sunnysoft's website. However, I have already a lot of mobile favorites on my Smartphone which I have to enter again now. A kind of a "import Pocket Internet Explorer" option would be perfect to shorten the configuration but beside this I'm fully satisfied with the functionalities.
It allows me to manually synchronize as well as automatically, it stored the data where I want to have it stored and it shows me the sites in that format how they was designed so what else can I expect!?
Maybe the best of all is that you can get all this for only US$ 8.00 from This isn't to expensive if you compare it with the GPRS costs it saves you. However, a 14 days trial version is also available.
Sunnysoft Word off-line can be highly recommended for everybody who uses the Smartphone for Web access also!

Cheers ~ Arne

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