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REVIEW: VITO ButtonMapper 1.2
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 16.01.03 - 12:01:00 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 8020x
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If the built-in button assignment functionality isn't enough for you (see my previous tip here) because you want to assign more programs/functionalities to your hardware buttons then you have, Vito's Button Mapper for Pocket PC and Pocket PC 2002 (incl. Phone Edition) might be the perfect tool for you!
With this small utility you can map every button twice: tt assigns 2 actions per button (through the standard single push and through holding the button) and allows in addition to set application-dependent assignments.


  • Duplicates system button settings functions
  • Button hold support
  • Application-depend assignments
  • Stylus tap emulation
  • Enables to perform system actions:
    • Backlight Settings
    • Display ON/OFF
    • Memory Settings
    • Power Settings

While devices like the HP iPAQs have quiet enough buttons (five buttons can be used here) specially for devices like the O2 xda/T-Mobile Phone Edition with less buttons (two only) this could be pretty useful.

So you can double the availability of hardware buttons which might make the use of your Pocket PC Phone Edition more useful.

Below you see on the left side the original xda Buttons application and on the right side the Vito ButtonMapper which doubled your available buttons.

But this isn't interesting for limited devices only but also for iPAQ where you get 10 buttons to be assigned now.

Beside the main functionality, I found the systems actions like Backlight Settings, Display ON/OFF, Memory Settings and Power Settings pretty interesting while the Display ON/OFF function is the most important for me.

On the xda, the GPRS connection stay available (with the latest ROM) even if the device switch off. However, in that case you don't get any MSN Messenger notifications. If you switch off the display only, you can save a huge amount of battery while you will still get sound notifications.
Same for non Phone Edition Pocket PCs. While solutions like Pocket Presence's Running Voice provides the feature of turning off the display, other solutions don't provide this feature.

Final Conclusion

Vito's ButtonMapper is a handy tool to increase the productivity as it lets you start more applications just with one finger tap. In addition to this, the system tools are pretty useful too.

ButtonMapper is available for US$ 18.00 from A 14 days trial version is available also.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by smittyofdhs on 16.01.03 - 00:00:00

just purchased the product. It really works good, Below is my list of features to add:

1. Need to figure out how to re-map the volume button

2. Be able to do Tap Once, Tap Twice, and Tap-n-Hold so that we can get 3 functions per button

3. Be able to assign the record feature to Tap-n-Hold so that it actually works on the PPCPE devices.

Posted by Max V. Kirichenko on 17.01.03 - 00:00:00

1. Need to figure out how to re-map the volume
   I assume you're a happy owner of the new iPaq 5450, right? We're currently working to resolve volume buttons re-ap.
2. Be able to do Tap Once, Tap Twice, and Tap-n-Hold so that we can get 3 functions per button
   These are already in our wish-list. They'll be implemented in future versions along with other great features.
3. Be able to assign the record feature to Tap-n-Hold so that it actually works on the PPCPE devices.
   I'm not sure I understand you. Can you describe this in details, please

Posted by PCL on 18.01.03 - 00:00:00

Actually there is another free ware on the internet that allows you to map all 5 buttons with 3 functions on each button.

The only minus point is that it is in Japanese.  But the software runs perfectly on my english ROm on e570, 3870 and 3970.  And it is simple enough to figure out after a while.  Note that I cannot read Japanese too.

The software name is BtnPlus.  Website is

The software  can be download at here:

It is compress in LZH format.

Last: I am not related to BtnPlus writer.  Just a normal PPC user sharing some info.

Posted by Mitch Olson on 19.01.03 - 00:00:00

Also check out which uses "Double-Press" to assign a second set of assignable button commands.  I've been using it on my Ipaq for several months now & found it very stable & useful

Posted by richard r. on 22.01.03 - 00:00:00

@Max V. Kirichenko:

I have problems too, the record function on the ipaq begins while holding the button and it does not, pherhaps your software is waiting for the key to be released.

I needed to reconfigure it on the normal settings page of ppc to work.
Sorry for my english, my traductor is not here.

Posted by Peter Elliot on 04.02.03 - 00:00:00

I would buy this software, but $18 is FAR too much for such a small application. If you can get Pocket Informant for $15 (which I did) then this program should cost $5 - I price I would be willing to pay. As it is I'm going to try BtnPlus.

My 2c

Posted by PJE on 04.02.03 - 00:00:00

I just tried the BtnPlus mentioned above and it does quite a bit of what Vito does. I haven't figured out how to get to the third app on each button yet, and the mapping seems to be global, but other than that it works fine on my Axim.

Posted by smittyofdhs on 20.02.03 - 00:00:00

@Max V. Kirichenko:

I saw 2.0 came out but none of the features mentioned above are in it. When will we see a fix for the PPCPE devices so that we can record by using tap-n-hold.

Posted by Nathaniel on 05.06.03 - 17:36:17

I can read a bit of japanese so hopefully it helps:

1. Single Click

2. Tap

3. Hold

Haven't used the program yet so I cannot imagine what the difference is between single click and tap (a faster single click)

It doesn't do what I want to do though. I am a H5450 owner trying to find a freeware to map my volume up/down buttons.



Posted by bluemonkey on 13.01.05 - 20:18:17

Doesn't work on i-mate Jam, refuses to bring up button config after installation

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