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ROM UPDATE: PPCW.Net i-Mate Smartphone 2002 ROM Update now available
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 29.08.03 - 19:28:51 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 14927x
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Attention PPCW.Net i-Mate owners - since today the ROM update for your PPCW.Net i-Mate Smartphone 2002 is available for download in version

As before this ROM doesn't includes any certificates nor it locks down your Smartphone to a dedicated carrier - for sure not!

Shipping Version ROM Update
Operation System
  • Version 3.0 (Build 13037)
  • Radio Version 1.30.00
  • Operator:
  • Manufacture:
  • Microsoft: 3.0.13037.0
  • Language:
  • File System: 3.0.13037.0


  • EZOS SmartMMS 2.5 Build 030128
Operation System
  • Version 3.0 (Build 13121)
  • Radio Version 1.33.20
  • Operator:
  • Manufacture:
  • Microsoft: 3.0.13121.0
  • Language:
    File System: 3.0.13121.0


  • EZOS SmartMMS 2.5 Build 030424

The upgrade will erase all existing information and files from your Smartphone. It is strongly recommended that you synchronize your Contacts, Calendar, Mail and Tasks to your PC before upgrading your device as well as copying all files from "/IPSM/My Documents" to your PC. Also all tweaks and modifications like rintones will be erased!

Connect your PPCW.Net i-Mate Smartphone 2002 to your PC with the USB cradle or cable. Connect the cable directly to the PC, don't use a USB Hub in between!

Download the ROM Upgrade from below. This file is approximately 10 MB. Extract the .zip file Upgrade.exe to a folder on your PC. With your PPCW.Net i-Mate Smartphone synchronized run Upgrade.exe from your PC and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once the upgrade is done (please follow the instructions step by step and carefully) you have rebooted your PPCW.Net i-Mate Smartphone 2002.
Now you can synchronize it to your PC again, to restore your synchronized Contacts, Calendar, Mail and Tasks.

The new ROM is a major improvement for the overall stability of your device so it is highly recommended to upgrade your Smartphone. However, please take the time to do it carefully

ATTENTION Qtek & SPV Owners: This update is made for the i-Mate Smartphone 2002. It "might" work on other HTC based Smartphones as well, maybe not... ;-) However - if you are going to update any other Smartphones then the PPCW.Net i-Mate with this ROM; neither PPCW.Net nor me nor anybody else is responsible for any damages, frozen devices or lost warranties!

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Krille on 29.08.03 - 23:02:43

Can this update also be used on a SMART HTC Tanager (unlocked, decertified) which seems to be the same phone as PPCW.Net i-Mate?

Posted by nixy on 30.08.03 - 01:15:38

I too am intrigued as to whether this ROM will work. I have posted a forum note on MadoCo to see if anyone knows. I am going to download and test it myself though and will let you know.

Wish me Luck!!!!

Posted by Mitchell Waite on 30.08.03 - 01:15:48

Have you done the upgrade Anre. Did you notice any improvments?

Posted by nixy on 30.08.03 - 01:58:30


There is no file explorer as first thought but its t9 uk perfect, faster menu is certainly a good day for onwing an spv

I am on the Orange network in UK and the update seems fine.....

Posted by Patrick Gilbert on 30.08.03 - 05:41:36

Well, based on my experience so far, this upgrade is really worth it.  The process runs smoothly and takes less than 15 minutes.  One note though : the upgrade program states :" a little longer to start" after the upgrade, be patient, because it is more like a few minutes ... but it works.

Initial feedback on running the new ROM is also positive : the device runs very noticeably faster, menus are much smoother, almost no lag time like before.  The apps are also quicker to load ... so far so good. 

Now hopefully, just like the first upgrade on my XDA, it will fix all the lock-up and crashing bugs that typically plagued the i-Mate after a more than a day without rebooting (freezing on an incoming call for example).  More feedback to come ...

Thanks Arne for the update !!!

Posted by nixy on 30.08.03 - 08:02:41

fast menu system.

battery seems good

stability improved

fixed sms counter

unlocked to sim

unlocked for apps

This update is indeed usable on QTek 7070/ Tanager/Smartphone

Posted by Wiz on 30.08.03 - 11:11:45

What is the difference between the QTEK and iMate ROMS? I also found a QTEK 15091 ROM a few days ago. For now I am sticking with the iMate 15086 version but .... well, you know .... curiosity sometimes doesn't kill the cat, at least not straight away. :-)

Posted by Krille on 30.08.03 - 11:54:06

Thanks for ballsy testing, nixy. Does this update support German language?

Just to be sure:

I may use ANY unlocked (and decertified) Update for Tanager Smartphones (which is same as QTek 7070 or E100) with ANY Tanager Smartphone from ANY Network Provider?

Posted by DaFish on 30.08.03 - 12:18:28

I have the Orange SPV E100 and when I try to update it says I have an incompatable rom ver, futer smartphone or higher, I am on the v1.50 rom that came with the phone, why is this and is it worth me upgrading?

Posted by Dooks on 30.08.03 - 13:03:58

I tried to update my Australian QTEK 7070 and it said: Error 100: Incompatible Image. The ROM that you are trying to use is not designed to work with your Smartphone...your smartphone:

    Tao Mars ROM version 1.42.46

The select image information:

    Tao Caballero ROM version

Click exit to quit

Posted by Mitchell Waite on 30.08.03 - 16:17:02

Worked great on my i-Mate. This is not for any phone but the i-Mate so you QTEK guys should not try it. I haven't noticed any improvments yet, will keep you posted.

Posted by nixy on 30.08.03 - 17:19:35

spv E100 and Canary owners!!!!!


Posted by nixy on 30.08.03 - 17:22:10


this upgrade CAN be used on BOTH i-mate AND E100 smartphones.

Same production phone my friend....

Posted by nixy on 30.08.03 - 17:27:32

I have tested the rom on both my E100 Tanager and Canary spv Mrk1. There is speed, stability and battery improvements

Rom= unlocked to sim and (decert) application.

Backup you settings first.


Dont know if German support native to this rom

Posted by Dooks on 31.08.03 - 06:08:18

Thx for the bootloader tip. I've successfully installed it on my QTEK 7070. I must say the programs menu is A LOT FASTER. And I like how the MMS is integrated into the Inbox, and not using the stupid and slow jMMS program that originally came with the 7070.

I was hoping that this would fix a few application hanging problems, however the Vexxon Editor Pro still hangs if I "Close" a file sad

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