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RUMOR: i-mate to slim down the Ultimate range to 2 Windows Mobile Smartphones only? [UPDATE]
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 16.08.07 - 00:59:44 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 15261x
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While i-mate previously announced to launch the Windows Mobile 6 Professional smartphone Ultimate 6150 and Ultimate 8150 in September, it looks like i-mate axed the in February unveiled Ultimate 5150, Ultimate 7150 and Ultimate 9150.
That's the latest information received from Windows Mobile retailer Clove Technology and quotes that Clove Technology "can now confirm, of the original 5 handhelds that were intended, only 2 will remain".

If this becomes true, it turns the i-Mate Ultimate range into a choice of just two phones, where one - the i-mate 6150 - already received an FCC approval (but you never know). Anyway, Clove also confirmed, that the Ultimate 6150 and 8150 are expected to arrive in October and will carry the same specification as planned.

UPDATE: CNET Asia contacted i-mate Asia Pacific and the official word is the company still plans to launch all models, but will do so in a staggered fashion starting with the 8150 and 6150.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by The Undertaker on 16.08.07 - 01:12:17

i-mate is dead! R.I.P. Welcome back HP (hopefully) but listen HP, that's your last chance!

BTW Glove is quite funny, they recommend the Fujitsu Loox T830 as an alternative to the Ultimate 5150! lol Haven't they read the latest Fujitsu news on wink

Posted by Shadow on 16.08.07 - 08:40:20

i-mate is reorganizing. Clove is not 100% correct. It will be more than 2 phones in the Ultimate line, but only 6150 and 8150 is left of those who were launched in the beginning of 2007. A pity i-mate is so slow with their first WM6 phones, hopefully they have learned something of this mess how to run business.

Posted by Cpt. America on 16.08.07 - 10:21:55

Who cares? IMate died the moment they left HTC. Not that I'm a blind HTC fan boy but we have to admit that the best WM stuff comes from them. All the JAQ stuff was pure crap and now the Ultimate range fades out.

Posted by heliod on 17.08.07 - 07:05:48

From what I have heard, this is half of the truth. Indeed they have cancelled these three devices, but there are two additional ones about which nobody is talking.

Let's wait and see.

Regarding the timing of the WM6 devices, I agree, but I see the reasons. i-mate has always been very conscient about QA (anybody wonders why the i-mate JASJAM was so more stable than the HTC TyTN?), and HTC learned a lot from them. Now they have to begin it again from zero with younger companies, and probably they are having a lot of QA issues there that are preventing them from approving the devices. Anyone that has ever worked with chinese ODMs probably know how easy it is for them to throw in the market half-functioning devices. I guess this is what I-mate must be dealing with right now....


Posted by Peter_P on 17.08.07 - 10:35:35

Helio, now I'm confused. You mean we will see some other Ultimate devices with the same base-specifications but I-Mate haven't unveiled the 2 new devices yet?
Maybe you have talked about this on your site already but I can't read a single word. Anything you can share with us?

Posted by zola on 17.08.07 - 10:58:38

I believe this ultimate series will surely hit the market and very soon. Clove technology spokesperson will prove wrong. … -eyebrows/

Posted by heliod on 18.08.07 - 09:15:51


This is the rumour, and I have a confirmation from a reliable source. It seems that there will be 4 devices, but none of the additional 2 are one of the 3 cancelled ones.

I don't have details on the 2 additional devices, only that they will NOT be released at the same time as the 6150 and the 8150, but in a later stage.

This is what I have for now.

Posted by heliod on 19.08.07 - 05:49:02

Just got a word from i-mate today. An official press-release will be available in the next days. Actually there are 4 devices to be released in the next months in the ultimate series, and other 2 for 2008. Making 6 devices in the Ultimate series.

I hope we will know more in the press release. Let's wait for them to release it, it will probably spread some light in this whole issue. One thing I have learned from the many years I have had contact with i-mate is that they are usually very consistent and responsible in their behaviour.

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