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RUMOR: Is Apple finally introducing an "iPhone"? [UPDATE]
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 06.06.04 - 13:50:27 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 14282x
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Okay, I have no clue if it is a fake, a scam, a dream, a rumor or true but it's good enough to be posted here anyway.
On Friday I received the image below which might shows the long awaited Apple "iPhone". According to the information I received with the E-Mail, Apple is expected to release this device together with SonyEricsson.

Again, I have no proof but anyway - I know most of us are dreaming about an Apple phone:

Unfortunately the source is unknown nor I know where the photo comes from so I can not give you any more information than what we see above.

Cheers ~ Arne

UPDATE: Mauricio Freitas from Geekzone received more information about the mysterious Apple iPhone:

"One of our readers sent us an update: this story is actually a reprint of page 130 of iCreate, a British magazine. Apparently the magazine publishes a Wish List, and this one was in their Issue 1!"

So it was a fake but at least it was a good one, if I see your responses...
Unfortunately it was a fake because a new competitor like Apple might speed up Microsoft's developments here because the current Smartphone platform is good but still not good enough and I would love to see how Apple would build a GUI for mobile phones...
Well, not today but "never say never (again)"... :)

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Dale Reeck on 06.06.04 - 17:22:51

It looks like just a regular Sony Ericsson T610/T16, except painted white.

Posted by adamz on 06.06.04 - 17:47:47

Here's another one...

And another...

And another...

Posted by Arne Hess on 06.06.04 - 18:12:50

[1] Yes, that's true. As I said - it's expected to be a cooperation with SE but if you wath the "Home" screen it looks different from the T610/630!

[2] Hehehe... I did the same Google search and found the images you've mentioned above  but the photo above looks like a wrapping so maybe it's more tha just Photoshop...

Posted by Graffiti on 06.06.04 - 18:45:31

It bodes well for Apple to consider co-branding with other personal tech equipment manufacturers - a very powerful alliance not seen much on the IT scene (due to many patents and rivalry disputes no less), but definitely so for fast-food and gas stations especially in the US.

It however would work in this case ... but somehow feels "strange" to me at least, to have a Symbian-powered Apple "product"  :wink:

Posted by APA on 06.06.04 - 20:16:06

Well Sony Ericssson would better concentrate to deliver phones announced more than 1 year ago than making a fancy looking rerun of the T630/610 sad

Posted by Arne Hess on 06.06.04 - 20:24:45

[4] While you have to keep in mind that the T610/T630 series isn't running Symbian at all... ;-)

[5] Which phone are you missing which was announced one year ago? The Z1010?

Cheers ~ Arne

PS: Have I told you that I love the new reply feature of the comments here!?  :wink:

Posted by meluxford on 07.06.04 - 12:13:00

What a strange cooperation, when you see Apple's IMTS and Sony's Sony Connect ...

And when you know that Sony is about to sell Ipod Killers with his new Vaio series...

But i know, i also dream of a Apple-Sony product

Posted by Graffiti on 07.06.04 - 21:09:08


How very true, Arne! My mistake and apologies ... to think of PDAphones (or is it smart phones now?) from Sony Ericsson while on the subject of the T61/630. I was thinking of the P900, yes ...

Posted by kirchhofer on 08.06.04 - 11:19:26

I would definitely buy a PDA Phone running Mac OS X Mobile !! Stable & stylish & integrating a 1GB Ipod, that would be a killer!!   lol  One day perhaps..... 8)

Posted by APA on 09.06.04 - 08:59:16

Yes I'm waiting for the Z1010 that was announced by SE around early 2003 (what a shame).  :evil:
My next phone really should be a UMTS one so I can use it for roaming in J and SK finally too.
I was thinking what OS would a Apple Phone have anyway, they don't have a PDA OS anymore. It would be nice to see Apple in the market since they really do understand smart design, but I think it's to late to play catchup. SE(the slow ones), Samsung, LG, Sharp will run the show in the future. Nokia is loosing marketshare like hell with their toy phones. (also on the UMTS networkside). Moto I think depends strongly on the next smartphones to come.

Posted by TipEx on 11.06.04 - 02:40:10

[10] APA The Z1010 has been around (Sweden) for some time now. Since early May or so. Dont know when it'll be distibuted in the rest of the world though. Probably depends on the networks as well. I understand your impatience - nobody wants to have a crappy NEC or Motorola. The Z1010 seems to be a nice phone, by far the best 3G anyway. Though it cant compare with top notch GSM at the moment in size and such. Youre best of waiting for the S700....

Posted by APA on 11.06.04 - 08:26:14

[11] Well I see it appearing now in other countries, since late May, but it's a real shame to announce something more than a year ago. I will wait for it, since I won't get a pure GSM anymore. Now 3G picks up and if I ever will use a phone again for data (depends on the price) sure it won't be slow GSM/GPRS ;-) And as said before, I need roaming in SK & J. Anyway thanx for your tip.

Posted by Mauricio Freitas on 13.06.04 - 23:33:06

[11] Sony Ericsson is promoting the Z1010 in New Zealand, with Vodafone. Since most of the destinations for people travelling from New Zealand have 3G coverage, it makes sense. I had one for a couple of weeks:

Posted by Paul B. on 01.03.06 - 07:29:56

I really don't think this is the iPhone. Apple has a reputation of creating new and exciting devices that make the consumer "want" them. The obvious rip from the Ericsson for the keys and the small and awkward click wheel show in my opinion that this is a scam. That, and how many Apple devices have been leaked like this? While there is no question one is in the works, I am convinced this is not it.

Posted by sjones on 17.03.06 - 02:06:44

looks very similar to the w600i model

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