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RUMOR: Is Motorola going to build a Microsoft Smartphone for Orange?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 26.06.03 - 14:06:26 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 6485x
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Interesting news reached the community from UK today.

As The Guardian reports and The Register confirmed (in his very own way - as always), Motorola seems to work on a Windows Powered (or even Windows Mobile) Smartphone to be released by Orange later this year:

From The Guardian:

"Orange and Motorola yesterday announced they were increasing cooperation in a move which is a blow to the ambitions of Microsoft to gain a significant position in the mobile market."

While The Register comments it with:

"According to our sources Motorola is readying the launch of its own MS-powered smartphone. If this is correct, Microsoft will have won an important endorsement from the world's second biggest mobile phone maker."

Well, if this is true Microsoft won a major partner for its Smartphone platform As good the HTC's Compal's and other ODMs are to develop and manufacture devices as less strong is their brand; even if it is labeled with a carrier brand. Terminal brands are even stronger than carrier brands (we have to see it realistic - a Nokia phone is already pre-sold just because it's a Nokia while you have to find good arguments for carrier branded devices; even if they are not worse compared to typical OEM devices).

So introducing a Motorola/Orange co-branded phone with the underlying Smartphone platform would boost the Smartphone recognition for sure.

Again, all this stuff are rumors and I haven't heard any official comments from Microsoft, Motorola or Orange but it might be true. Maybe anybody from Motorola could comment it (even under NDA - feel free to contact me ;-)) as my log-files clearly shows me a lot of visitors from :idea:

Cheers ~ Arne

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