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RUMOR: Vodafone to launch Vodafone 360 with the introduction of its first Limo Handset?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 11.09.09 - 17:21:40 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 16054x
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Yesterday, the Boy Genius Report received a couple of photos of a new and yet unknown Samsung device which is said to be Samsung's first Limo device for Vodafone. While Limo isn't Android, like Android it's based on Linux. However, in addition to this, we've just heard that (what Boy Genius Report expects to be) the Samsung Riedel L8305 is just the first phone of a new set of a devices and services, Vodafone is going to announce during a press event on September 24th in the UK. And the new service is expected to be called "Vodafone 360" (which seems to be somewhat proved by the last photo from BGR which sports a Vodafone 360 logo).

It's expected, that Vodafone 360 will be a combination of hardware (as posted by the Boy Genius Report) and services. And Vodafone People (see the YouTube video bellow) is - according to sources - just one of the new features which will be available for Vodafone 360:

Similar to yesterday's announced Motorola MotoBlur service, Vodafone 360 is also expected to unify social networks like Twitter and Facebook, but Vodafone 360 is also expected to feature its own application application store.
However - as mentioned - the Samsung I8305 is just the start and (according to Vodafone plans to expand the Vodafone 360 service framework to other platforms as well, including Symbian S60, Windows Mobile, Android and BlackBerry smartphones but even Java bread and butter handsets are planned to be supported:

For a carrier, it's definitely a quite interesting idea to unify the look and feel of the user experience (and the idea is nearly as old as the GSM-industry is) and service experience across different platforms and since the introduction of the Vodafone Live! service, Vodafone tried hard to make the user experience a Vodafone experience. Maybe Vodafone 360 will finally become what Vodafone Live! never became - a unified Vodafone framework for the carrier's services.
On the other hand, this kind of approach might be pretty dangerous and even more dangerous these days, since companies like Apple will never share their user experience with carriers and also Nokia made clear already, that it is not interested in carrier customization for its upcoming N900 Maemo device (another Linux device) which is hitting the markets soon.

Time will tell us if the information and conclusions above are correct but first let us wait now if Vodafone 360 is really introduced on September 24; and what it will be?

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Manta123 on 13.09.09 - 09:44:15

Am super-impressed.
The design, the diea, the device, everything is quite impressive.
The concept is great: all communication/community channels via one tool.
Gonna buy shares- now.

Posted by cielo_wii on 14.09.09 - 11:48:01

I am impressed too.. It's so amazing..
Yeah that's true, when I first saw it,
I was impressed by its desgn and when
I read the specifications, wow, great
tools and devices...

Posted by Sian Paul on 18.09.09 - 09:40:50

Hm...Great stuff, it sounds as Vodafone is now back...not sure how they managed this but if they really launch this they will be firts to market with a huge customer base and probably unbeatable for the next years. Also now the wayfinder-aquisition makes sense...a phonebook connected to location-based services...see your friends recommendations and location on a map etc... Its not mentioned in this article, but might fit in here, right? Do you think they will also launch something similar on the ODM path (Huawei, Foxlink...?)?
Cheers Sian.

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