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SENSATION: T-Mobile announces new UMTS MDA Pocket PC Phone Edition
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 02.02.05 - 15:20:54 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 21959x
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MDA IV is the first Windows Mobile Pocket PC based mobile communications device to integrate WLAN, GPRS and UMTS technology. Additional highlights: E-Mail Push-Service, Bluetooth, full keyboard, two cameras, video telephony and Windows Mobile platform. High-resolution VGA screen for optimum display of Internet pages and image files.

The mobile office of the future fits in your hand: Around 100 square centimeters large, T-Mobile's new MDA IV has everything it takes to make working on the move convenient. This "mini-laptop" is the first mobile communications device in the world to integrate the mobile communications technologies GPRS, UMTS and WLAN and means that T-Mobile customers have access to fast, broadband data communication practically all the time and everywhere, for sending e-mails, for example, or downloading large files, for Internet research or for accessing the company intranet. The MDA IV is a triband terminal, operating on GSM 900, 1800, and 1900 megahertz networks, meaning that T-Mobile customers can use it all over the world. SMS, MMS and e-mails can be typed in using the full keyboard and the VGA screen is the ideal display for text, images, and Internet pages. This format takes the quality of "Internet in your pocket" to a new level. Additional functional highlights include two integrated cameras, loudspeakers and the Windows Mobile operating system. Once open, the VGA screen can be turned round in a single move to turn the mini-laptop into a PDA with a touchscreen. The MDA IV is scheduled to be available from this summer.

"The MDA IV is a milestone in turning 'office in your pocket' into reality", said Martin Knauer, Managing Director of Marketing at T-Mobile Deutschland. "This device combines innovative mobile communications technology, functionality, and powerful software in a very compact package. Operated on our multimedia networks, the mini-laptop is almost as powerful as a desktop PC. This is a response to the requirements of our customers who want the tools of their trade to be just as reliable on the move as in the office."

With the ability to receive e-mails and reply straight away, dispatch important documents quickly, download information from the company intranet or work on a presentation while on the move - the MDA IV does not lag behind a PC in terms of power. This is ensured by the 520 megahertz Intel processor, the integrated GPRS, UMTS and WLAN mobile communications technologies and the Windows Mobile operating system. Wherever the user is working, the terminal dials into the fastest T-Mobile network available automatically.

"As a mini-laptop, the MDA IV is a consistent further development and powerful complement to our existing MDA family. With a market share of 40 percent, the marketing of the T-Mobile MDA family is a success story to which the MDA IV is a further addition," Martin Knauer continued.

Like the other MDA models, the MDA IV includes full Office functionality. The terminal supports the E-Mail Push-Service for the automatic receipt of e-mails. Word and Excel files the user may have received as e-mail attachments, for example, can be ideally displayed and conveniently edited on the new, large VGA display; PowerPoint and PDF files can also be displayed. Pocket Outlook makes it possible to manage appointments, contacts and tasks. The terminal is equipped with USB and Bluetooth interfaces for synchronization of data with a PC. The two built-in cameras let the user take photos and record video sequences, and video telephony is simple with the MDA IV. The optimized VGA screen makes video streaming particularly convenient. Integrated video and music players ensure high picture and sound quality when playing video streams and music files. With its compact dimensions, the MDA IV fits easily into almost any jacket pocket - and as a triband mini-laptop it is also an ideal companion for trips abroad.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Patrik Strömstedt on 02.02.05 - 17:06:19

Great news!

Any idea which screen size (inch) the new device will have???

Posted by I-m in Love on 02.02.05 - 20:53:05

Way to go!!!  8O big_smile
Now I wonder if O2 or at least i-mate will carry it as well? :?

Posted by Frank on 03.02.05 - 08:51:55

Yep, I saw that at Tekguru yesterday. Hmpf, what do I think about it?
- VGA resolution
- UMTS - that is once it will be available down here

- I dislike these clam shell designs
- no numeric keys accessable once the shell is closed --> no single-handed operation   8O
- to me it looks like there are no keys to answer / end calls either if it's closed  8O  8O  8O
- two cameras instead of a swivel one :-(
- is it 4''?
- no integrated GPS :-(

My final assessment: not my future device...

Quite sad, because the XDA II which is still my device was really ahead of the market and offered what I wanted... this one is not for me...

Posted by jayson on 04.02.05 - 01:27:15

No CF slot as well (which I use for GPS).  I don't care about UMTS... if GPRS charges are not practical in my country (too steep) imagine 3G???

But if a device has integrated GPS, instead of a CF slot.  WiFi, BT, Fast Processor, Large Memory, Normal-Sized Screen (not the small ones), camera, keyboard (optional) are the other features that my future device will have.

BTW, my iPAQ 2210 still serves me well and I couldn't ask for more.

Posted by Lutz on 04.02.05 - 03:40:48

The new iPAQ hw6500 is supposed to have built-in GPS, but only a 240x240 screen and no W-LAN...  Guess we still have to wait a bit longer for the uber-device.

Posted by Lukas44 on 05.02.05 - 02:17:40

What are the overall dimensions?
Does it have an Sd slot?
Pics do not show other side... mayby more buttons does have another cam on other side so it may have more....
Screen does not look so big...looks like a 3.5" at best!

Posted by zatsmee76 on 06.02.05 - 14:37:42

It's funny just when you imagine you see a great device, you hear about a better one. I dont care about all that cons mentioned above, I dont care about UMTS (not avilable in my operator yet), sounds great to me, but why 2 cameras??? I mean whats the point behind it? looks thicker then i-mate, and keyboard resemble 9500. VGA screen is a long waiting important feature, and speically on a big screen. Would have been great if it imitates 9500, having quick dial keys when closed.

Arne, you have a talent of teasing people about devices and never showing when is the exact release date around the world (and in ME particularly)

Posted by The ]V[achine... on 07.02.05 - 16:47:29

Seems nice... but... (there's the but again...) Why not a build in GPS instead of 2 camera's??? I mean, wanna make 2 pics at the same time? Front and back?  8O
And shoot me please, I need more info on this device! And pics! And a release date!  neutral
I feel like a kid in a candy-jar these days... :?

Posted by HJ on 07.02.05 - 20:26:09

Look ok, BUT, How do you ever fit this thing into a carkit and how do you ever really use the keyboard (to small for my fingers) (my stowaway BT keyboard works fine on my Qtek 2020) GPS and a faster processor would be nice and a more stabile OS is good.

Posted by Tim on 08.02.05 - 20:38:18

that's a beautiful thing!! i really would like it !! one question: does anyone has got a smartphone for me for a good price?? let me know pls :
many grtz

Posted by marlon on 17.11.05 - 20:50:41

how much does it cost and do you have to pay for internet?

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