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SERVICE: Combine the strengths of GPRS and GPS to dispatch Cabs
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 18.11.03 - 18:33:17 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 7602x
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While Pocket PCs and Smartphones are great devices overall, it's even more important what you can do with it to improve your business. Therefore I'm always hunting for services which does it and includes a wireless component. This time Patrik Strömstedt from Digital Studion Sweden pointed me to its solution which sounds great to me (remember I'm just coming back from a business meeting in Canada which was about navigation too) because it combines the strengths of a Pocket PC Phone Edition with GPRS and GPS:

We are using the Qtek1010 with an embedded version of TomTom 2 and a GPS antenna (and of course our software, Mobile TTDS), to dispatch bookings from the dispatch central to the cabs.

Our latest (current) installation is for more then 300 cabs.

The system knows which zone the cabs are in and the cabs are given a queue number when they are available and are entering a new zone.

One advantage compared to existing systems, is that when the driver is waiting for a booking, he doesn't need to be in the car. He just unplug his Qtek from the car holder and takes it with him. The system remembers his last position and he can still receive bookings.

Another obvious advantage is of course that it uses standard components, standard hardware (Pocket PC), standard communication (GPRS) etc.

Wow, that's a pretty nifty solution I really like since it gets the best from both (antenna and satellite) wireless worlds!
Next time I'm in Sweden I should definitely give it a try! :-)

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Filip Norrgård on 18.11.03 - 21:00:52

That's extremly cool and probably very helpful for the cab/taxi drivers! smile

I have been considering writing a pro gradu in using Pocket PCs, GSM and GPS to warn drivers of "moose/raindeer-crossings" in my country and other traffic conditions such as icy roads.

The main problem with the animal crossings are that many of the warning signs are effective for x.x kilometers, leaving the driver to forget it (among other things). The favorable situation would be that the Pocket PC would warn the driver (audio/visually) for an animal crossing and inform when he/she has exited the danger area. Futhermore, it would warn, if the time and current season leaves one more prone in an accident involing the animal in question. This, hopefully resulting in the driver slowing down and keeping eyes opened.

But that's just a thought at this time... wink

Posted by khalil khalil on 08.12.03 - 07:58:23

dear sir,

I am client to your product since 5 months, but i found always problems with this device qtek1010, and the problem is that it stops always, that i can't access it again, specially when i put settings :connection, like if it search the driver on the pc to activate synchronization, and it didn't find it, or, the driver was installed, and before it worked properly with the same pc.

i didn't know how to resolve this problem....

thans for ur collaboration.

best regards


Posted by Fara Arani on 11.12.03 - 15:30:09

At Cordic, ( we supply real-time data despatch system based on XDA to Taxi companies. We have also integrated TomTom navigator in to our product. The system operates over GPRS network. Currently, we have several hundred taxi drivers in UK who are using our system on daily basis.

Posted by asaad on 14.02.04 - 13:06:37

I want to by the software GPS or GPRS for My Pocket PC Qtek1010

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