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SERVICE: Public HotSpot Gas Stations from Agip Germany
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 14.01.04 - 19:37:42 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 8634x
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Well, I'm not sure if every Wi-Fi HotSpot seriously makes sense... :?: Today, Agip Germany (an Italian owned gas station) and Airnyx announced their cooperation to equip every of Agip's 400 gas station with Wi-Fi access from Airnyx.
I buy a lot of stuff from gas station - not only gasoline but also the typical frozen pizza, etc but never have the time to stay on a gas station to use Wi-Fi there? Beside this - gas stations aren't the most comfy places to surf the web or to download E-Mails, especially not because I have a Smartphone in the car cradle which can also download E-Mails. while I'm refuel. So I don't see the value here at all?

Where do you enjoy public HotSpots or would like to see more HotSpots?

I, for myself, enjoy public HotSpots in bars and restaurants as well as malls, airports, train stations and fast food/coffee chains but would like to see an increased coverage for parks and beer gardens here in Munich.

What's about you? Do you have the time for a Internet session at a gas station?

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by techuser on 14.01.04 - 23:03:53

The value may not be there for downloading regular email, etc, but would be for downloading a song/video that you just heard on the radio, or a playlist that you have marked for download at the next net access.  Sort of an info fuelling station.  You may be on a driving trip, and have your maps and road closure information downloaded for the next part of the journey.

Just some thoughts for use of the higher bandwidth available by wi-fi ....

Posted by jayson on 15.01.04 - 06:52:20

But remember, celphones are potentially dangerous in gas station as radio waves can ignite fires.  That's why celphones are not allowed to be used in gas stations in my country.  So do WiFi signals pose a potential threat?  Honestly I don't know... it may or may not be a threat.  But even if WiFi is proven not dangerous, some WiFi-ready devices (like the i-mate, XDA, etc.) are also "celphones".

Posted by Filip Norrgård on 15.01.04 - 10:01:23

@Jayson: No, you are wrong. That is probably the number one false rumor about cell phones and gas.

The reason for why you may not use a cell phone at gas-stations is that it is a portable electric device which under extreme circumstances can ignite the fuel in its gas form. Gasoline in it's liquid form is not ignitable but only in it's gaseous form. (I'm not that sure about if that counts diesel, however)

The chance that the radio signals from a cell phone or WiFi device could ignite gas is equal to none. The only chance that such devices could ignite the fuel is if one would drench the whole, powered device in the fuel. That wouldn't be likely to result in an explosion either but a fire...

Posted by Jake on 15.01.04 - 13:50:09

i agree with Arne, doesn't make any sense at the moment. at this time no car navigation system makes use of this technology. they should have worked together with bmw or mercedes-benz and a mobile phone vendor to get some form of standard for this. would be a great opportunitie in this. not only car navigation beeing updated on fuel stations but does "target group specific advertising" ring a bell? the wifi network could detect which car is in the reception area and according to the system settings in the car audio system could stream advertising, recipes, prefered music/games/movies or everything you could imagine directly into you car. and with something like the mercedes-benz command system being wifi enabled and running on the right software i wouldn't get out of my car again wink but besides that. does someone know if it's planned to make this a service at no charge. or do we have to buy logins and passwords for that service. if it's a free service i wouldn't have something against a gas station around my house... wink

Posted by Arne Hess on 15.01.04 - 13:54:36

@Jake: Nope, you have to pay for. Either with your T-Online account (ISP of German Telekom) or you can buy prepaid voucher cards...

Another reason not to use it at all... ;-)

Posted by Jake on 15.01.04 - 14:04:12

i thought that. why sould such a (customer)service be free in germany. i thought you cought me dreaming here wink why buy prepaid cards to use wifi at a gas station. that's much more expensive then being at home. btw. isn't mc donalds in the uk planning to install hotspots at their restaurants? "hey, gimme some fernch fries, a big mac, a chocolate shake and a 30min wifi..." i could imagine other places to take my laptop or ppc/pe for a wifi ride... if only my holiday resort would go wifi *hint*

Posted by Arne Hess on 15.01.04 - 14:10:36

Well, Internet isn't free - neither access nor content... ;-) Also/especially not in Germany...

However, I like the idea McDonald's had to give free x minutes for every order. I mean I don't want to rip-off a restaurant or bar by ordering one water and use their Wi-Fi access for hours but for me it's fine to pay with the drinks you order.

BTW: You are joining holiday resorts without Wi-Fi? 8O No way - I don't care the beach anymore but I need Wi-Fi or at least wired LAN in my holiday resorts... Even if I would lose my girlfriend this way... ;-) Kidding... :-D No, holidays are fine without Wi-Fi as long as I have GPRS (roaming) access there... ;-)

Posted by HAYTHAM on 13.02.04 - 15:34:22

Dear Sirs,

We'd like to get a copy of the latest version of the documents mentioned below, please advise us the procedures and cost.

1.                   Jointly Operated Supply and Distribution Facilities.

2.                   Joint Into-Plane Fueling Services

3.                   Joint Airport Depots

Awaiting your reply at your convenience.

Best regards, Haytham

Hadid Ops

Posted by Arne Hess on 13.02.04 - 15:49:32

Sorry but PPCW.Net is providing the news not the service!

If you need further information you should contact either Agip Germany or Airnyx, not PPCW.Net.

Posted by aman on 06.05.04 - 09:23:46

ya its a good article but needs improvem

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