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SHOPPING: A sad but true story - Credit Card fraud with PPCW.Net i-Mate devices
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 03.02.04 - 16:43:08 CET under 06 - Site News - Viewed 10338x
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Okay, never thought it would happens to me but it recently does. Call me dumb or naive but well - I'm not a shop at all but just a community site which wanted to provide a service for its readers.
As you know I accept PayPal or money transfer for PPCW.Net i-Mate orders only and one reason to accept PayPal but not Credit Cards directly was my fear of Credit Card fraud while I thought PayPal is clever enough to handle this for me; but by no means!

A couple of weeks ago I received an order form "the US" with a delivery address in "Far East" and I was almost ready to ship the device to the recipient. However, before FedEx picked it up I got an E-Mail from PayPal to hold deliveries back because something seems to be weird with the payment and the result of it was: fraud! So luckily I haven't shipped the device and haven't lost anything.
Than - two weeks ago I got another order from "the US" with delivery address in "South East Asia". However, neither the name of the person who ordered the i-Mate nor the name of the recipient comply with the PayPal account name and therefore I've contacted PayPal customer to make sure he really ordered the device or at least he is aware of the payment. The result in this case: fraud. The person never ordered from me nor knew PPCW.Net.
So far so good - also that time I haven't shipped anything! :-)

Today I received an E-Mail from PayPal about payments - made before the first fraud above and the result: these orders (from late November and December) were fraud also! 8O But as you can imagine - November and December orders are already shipped and yes, PayPal refund the money from my account while I already shipped the devices and therefore I'm the looser. No devices, no money, but the bills to pay for (the i-Mates and FedEx shipping). 8O

Well, it really hurts me because some of the devices (i-Mate Phone Editions) were shipped to folks out there who haven't paid for it :evil: while others wanted to buy one when it was sold out within a couple of minutes :roll: you remember? So this thieves hurts me as much as you! :evil:
Also I just had a chat with some other folks from online shops and the feedback I got was more or less "welcome to the club" - good to know I'm not alone but it doesn't makes me feel better at all!

Anyway - because of all the stuff happened above, I have to change the way I'm selling the PPCW.Net i-Mates:

  • I'm not accepting different countries for the customer and delivery address anymore.
  • I'm not selling anymore through PayPal to the Philippines, Indonesia or China (expect for money transfer prior shipping).
  • I will keep the right to reject every order without given reasons.
  • I will keep the right to contact PayPal and PayPal account holders prior shipping to verify they are informed about the order and to prove the Credit Card.
  • I will keep the right to ask customers for a prove of authentication (ID card or Passport only) by fax.

I'm really sorry for all the hassle but it affects you as well as me because next time it might be your Credit Card and still my devices and money!

Cheers ~ Arne


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