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SHOPPING: New i-mate Pocket PCs and Smartphones available from PPCW.Net soon
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 03.10.04 - 19:59:21 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 5835x
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If you are a frequent visitor of PPCW.Net and you've watched the right hardware box, you might have seen that I've added two new i-mate devices: the i-mate SP3i Smartphone 2003 Second Edition and the i-mate JAM Pocket PC Phone Edition 2003 Second Edition.

Both devices are already ordered and I'm awaiting the shipping confirmation and estimated time of arrivals (ETA) now.

Personally I like both devices a lot and I believe in these breakthrough designs: while the SP3i comes pretty close to a SonyEricsson design with the great Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition features; I'm sure I'm not the only one who prefer the size and weight of the -mate JAM over other comparable Pocket PC Phone Edition devices.

If you want to become notified about availability, I suggest to subscribe for the newsletters. Click here for the SP3i newsletter and here for the JAM newsletter.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Nome Cognome on 18.10.04 - 00:18:23

[31] I found out on the ClubImate site that both the SP3 and the SP3i have a miniSD slot.... the only difference seems to be that the SP3 is 900/1800/1900 while there are two versions of the SP3i: one is 900/1800/1900 and the other is 850/1800/1900

Posted by Krishna Kumar on 04.10.04 - 00:42:10

Hi Arne,

Was looking at the shopping site. And in the SP3i Feature details, under section "GSM/GPRS Functional Block" section, I noticed that even though it states the phone is TriBand, all the four bands are listed? Does this mean the SPi can be ordered as American (850) or European models (900)?


Posted by rdkay on 04.10.04 - 11:31:13

Hi Arne
I already created an account @ppcw-net shop for buying the I-mate Jam. I hope the product stays in the permanent basket till checkout. Do you now already anything about the price, will it be more or less the same as for T-mobile MDA Compact (490 € I think) ? For orders outside of EU (eg Norway, Switzerland) Is the VAT being deducted?

Posted by Arne Hess on 04.10.04 - 11:39:05

[1] The initial versions I will go with (for both, the SP3i and the JAM) is the "European" 900 MHz version.
However, if there is an increase interest for the N.-American 850 MHz version, please let me know (as a reply to this comment).
[2] The product should stay in the basket - however, I'm not sure because it is a combination of cookies and your account.
Regarding the price I will use a typical marketing term: "it will be a competitive price"... ;-)
For sure all order from outside the EU are without VAT!

Posted by Ernesto C. on 04.10.04 - 13:32:01

Ciao Arne! smile

I'm mostly interested in the i-mate SP3i product. Let's see who comes first, you or the detailer i usually buy here in Italy. Have you ever delivered to Italy? How many days were necessary for the delivery to accomplish well?

Excuse me for my poor and basic english. Thanks in advance.

Posted by /Diego on 04.10.04 - 14:08:58

[4] Ciao Ernesto, my country fellow smile
which is the detailer you mentioned in your previous post? It would be nice to know, because I'm Italian as well

Mille grazie smile


Posted by Ben Edwards on 04.10.04 - 16:16:34

I would be interested in the American version as well...

Posted by M. Lawrence on 04.10.04 - 17:18:28

[6] Add me to the American version interest list!

Posted by Krishna Kumar on 04.10.04 - 18:07:16

Thanks Arne,

I would be interested in the American Version.

Posted by Tefkay on 04.10.04 - 21:10:09

I'm interested in the american version too

Posted by McHale on 04.10.04 - 21:15:32

American version here as well...

Posted by TimT on 04.10.04 - 23:21:55

I'm interested in the American version of it as well!

Posted by mike on 04.10.04 - 23:58:50

850 Mhz SP3i please!

Posted by JV on 05.10.04 - 02:26:46

[3] One more vote for the American 850 version!

Posted by Mark on 05.10.04 - 02:37:18

Hi there,

does anyone have an idea when the SP3i WITHOUT the camera will be available??


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