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SHOPPING: PPCW.Net i-Mate Phone Edition 2003 in stock now - [UPDATE]
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 12.11.03 - 13:08:01 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 6111x
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Finally I got the PPCW.Net i-Mate Phone Edition (same as the O2 xda II but SIM free and unlocked and without any additional O2 software but the pure Microsoft Phone Edition only) in stock today and it's available from PPCW.Net Shop.
Please note that stocking is pretty limited and it might be sold out soon.

All orders received today before 15:00 CET will leave today (with PayPal payments and FedEx shipping only). Orders after 15:00 CET can not proceed until Tuesday next week because I'm out of the office from tomorrow for a business trip to Toronto.
Also Postal Service orders and/or money transfer orders can't proceed today.

Please keep in mind that stock for the first batch is pretty limited and the PPCW.Net i-Mate Phone Edition might be sold out soon :-( but the next batches are already on their way! :-)

Cheers ~ Arne

Temporary Sold Out
Please see the comments below!

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Posted by lvermont on 12.11.03 - 14:05:44


Posted by lvermont on 12.11.03 - 14:19:19

Arne, Will fedex tracking info be sent via e-mail for fedex shipped orders? Thanks.

Posted by TG on 12.11.03 - 15:41:51


I tried to order. But the ordering page  says " Product not found". It cannot get more frustrating after my interest to grab the prodcut has become a frenzy! It is only 9:30 AM EST! What is going on?


Posted by Guest on 12.11.03 - 15:41:59

Anyone can probably help me out w/ this one...

What's the equivelent cost in US dollars?

Also, what is 15:00 CET in US Eastern Time? 10am?

Posted by TG on 12.11.03 - 15:54:46

The cost in US $ is 752 * 1.16 = 872.

CET is Central European Time. It is 6 hours ahead of EST.

Posted by Guest on 12.11.03 - 15:56:53

Thanks... now, if we could only BUT the thing... sad

Posted by Guest on 12.11.03 - 15:57:44

Make that... buy wink

Posted by Arne Hess on 12.11.03 - 15:59:30

Uhhhh 8O8O8O8O

I'm completely sold out - that's why the item doesn't appear anymore in the shop...

Actually I was sold out with 45 minutes... 8O

But the next stock is already on their way to me! :-)

Posted by TG on 12.11.03 - 16:07:15


Now that you say the next batch is on its way, will you take my order, or is it going to be a game of dice? The odds of being online to read your email alert within the 45 minutes of its delivery are not great.


Posted by Arne Hess on 12.11.03 - 16:25:08

@TG: I feel your pain and I understand that you are frustrated at all.

The point is that I had to bring it online today because tomorrow I'm leaving to Canada as I said before and therefore I had to make it available in that short period of time.

Next time I will 1st get the batch, then announcing it via the newsletter and will make it available in the shop the day after - not simultaneously!

Also next batch is twice to that one and therefore I'm confident you will get your device.

However - why I'm not accepting pre-orders? Let me tell you a little but sad story: For that batch I already accepted pre-orders from people who already asked me more then 1 month ago - long time before anything was announced - if I will have the Phone Edition as well and because some of them already way previous Smartphone customers, others was just clever enough to ask for, I've accepted their pre-orders.

We had a lot of mails where I've updated them about availability, forwarded more or less every E-Mail I got about the shipment status, etc. Nobody canceled.

Then, 2 days ago when I was sure the devices was on the way I've invoiced these folks by PayPal and the end of the story? 2/3 rejected the the pre-order while half of them at least wrote me an E-Mail that they weren't interested anymore and the other half simply pushed the cancel button at PayPal.

Because of that experience (I made the same before with the PPCW.Net i-Mate Smartphone) I won't accept any pre-orders anymore!

I'm really sorry that I can't accept it anymore and I'm sure I'm hitting 100+ fair folks outside who wouldn't act like that but the other 100+ will continue to act this way.

I hove you see and understand my point but with the next batch everything will become better - I promise!

Posted by TG on 12.11.03 - 16:34:53

Thanks. Arne.

I see your point of view. Also, thanks for showing flexibility by inserting a delay between alert and availability! Now, I can get on to my other work.

Posted by MArty on 12.11.03 - 16:43:14


I was trying to order for 20 mints!!! it kept on taking mr in loops!!! I finally gave up and came her to read that it is sold out!!!

Ohh well!

Posted by pr on 12.11.03 - 18:01:29

when you say the I-mate is SIM free and unlocked. What does this mean??

will this device work in California U.S.?

Also what cell phone provider will I have to go through to get this device to work?

Posted by tony on 12.11.03 - 18:05:11

Come on guys, din't blame Arne, that's not fair. I also didn't get one but he is doing a fantastic job with PPCW.NET and bringing the devices to us, carriers in the U.S. don't give us at all.

Keep up your great work, locking forward the next stock!

Posted by ezequiel on 12.11.03 - 18:06:03


I try twice a day to checkout my order... (even without the "announcement")

It's not fair sad  I' can't offer myself my 40year aniversary gift anymore.

why? oh why?

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