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SHOPPING: The i-mate SP3i Smartphone is available from PPCW.Net for immediate shipping
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 16.12.04 - 11:06:01 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 10560x
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Dear fellow PPCW.Net readers. I'm happy to announce the availability of the i-mate SP3i Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003 SE which I received this morning.
It's available for immediate shipping through FedEx (worldwide) or German Post Air Mail (Europe and North America only).

The i-mate SP3i is awaited by the discerning mobile user wanting functionality and a great looking compact mobile. It has a sharp full color screen, built in digital VGA camera, MMS & Bluetooth support, as well as a full range of applications including Pocket Outlook, Windows Media Player 9 (to be updated soon), Internet Explorer, MSN Messenger and Games, suits the serious phone user with it's simple joystick operation and a straight shooting black & silver finish.

Especially built for dynamic 3D gaming, the device also comes packed with multiplayer, online interactive games from i-mate Interactive. The sleek device is designed to take gaming everywhere.

The i-mate SP3i from PPCW.Net is available in two language packs: Standard and Nordic. The Standard pack includes: US English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Turkish. The Nordic language pack includes: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch as well as US English, German and French. Both language packs supports GSM 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz which allows a virtually worldwide use (from North America to Australia).

For sure, the PPCW.Net i-mate SP3i is SIM free and unlocked and excludes carrier specific customization!

Please note that orders from outside the EU exclude the VAT!

Exclusive for i-mate device owners - Free Club i-mate Web Access
Owners of an i-mate device like the SP3i above will get a free hosted Microsoft Exchange account worth of 100 MB of E-Mail storage!
To use the Club i-mate E-Mail, you will need to register on club i-mate for free. Members have the ability to use hosted Microsoft Exchange and an E-Mail address that matches their username (for example, '') and the account includes 10MB of E-Mail storage.

Either you use the Club i-mate's free Exchange server through the Outlook Web Access or you synchronize your E-Mail as well as the Exchange Calendar and Contacts database with your SP3i though ActiveSync.

All these features are exclusively available for free but for i-mate device owners only. 8O

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by McHale on 16.12.04 - 19:51:13

can you get the US version?  Without 850, about 46 million of us can't effectively use it.  I wouldn't mind waiting longer if you could special order them as needed.

Thanks Arne!


Posted by MagicT on 17.12.04 - 11:59:35

Hi Arne,

Does this Smartphone also support Microsoft's PlayForSure Music subscription via Microsoft's new Media Player V. 10?

Best wishes,


Posted by Janne on 17.12.04 - 20:05:37

Are you planning to realease version that support more languages, Finnish and Swedish T9 would be nice for Nordic customers?

Posted by Arne Hess on 17.12.04 - 21:34:02

[4] Tommy, sure it is SIM-unlocked! big_smile
[5] Hei Janne, no I'm sorry but right now I have no such plans. neutral

Posted by Arne Hess on 17.12.04 - 14:56:55

[1] Hi Mc - I'm currently negotiating it.
[2] No, right now the SP3i includes Windows Media 9 only, not the required Windows Media 10 Mobile. However, a ROM update is expected soon next year.

Posted by Tommy on 17.12.04 - 17:37:28

I'm sure it is but want to make sure: is it SIM unlocked?
But it's a great looking devices with even greater features!
Please confirm the SIM stuff and I'm the next one to order!

Thanks for bringing the latest Smartphone to my country! 8)

Posted by McHale on 18.12.04 - 04:17:46



Posted by lutzh on 18.12.04 - 08:44:46

tired of your 220, mchale? careful, it's htc - you never got tired to tell how bad htc's devices are on modaco ;-)

cheers. lutz

Posted by c500 lover on 18.12.04 - 09:08:45

[8] like you lutz? you also never got tired to tell the same on mobilejoe until you got the sda and bang you was in love as well - again. :p
i have the c500 even if i would prefer to have joystick navigation and it's 5 classes better than the previos phones we saw by them.

anyway, thanks for your effort arne, unfortunately you got it in stock too late for me (c500).

Posted by mjc90 on 18.12.04 - 16:41:03

[3] Arne: You wouldn't happen to know the part numbers of the 850 band version? I just received one that is supposed to be the US version (850) but my calling reception is so much worse than my current Nokia 850/1900 phone that I am concerned I got shipped the 900 version. The manual says it is 850 - but how would I know for sure? By the way, if you do start selling the 850 version, I'll be ordering at least two more.

Posted by Arne Hess on 18.12.04 - 20:07:41

[5] Woohoo!  big_smile Contrary to my previous comment - the SP3i from PPCW.Net is also available with Scandinavian languages now, for sure from PPCW.Net. 8)
Check out here for more details:

Posted by Kumar Manoj on 31.12.04 - 13:52:36

Hi Arne,

Does this Smartphone also support stylus? It will be great to have a stylus for user who is migrating from Palm Treo 600 (GSM). Many of my friend will look for i-MATE SP3i, if it comes along with stylus. Do negotiate for it, if possible.

Wish you a happy new year.


Posted by Arne Hess on 31.12.04 - 13:56:42

[12] No, the Windows Mobile Smartphone concept exclude stylus support but keypad support only. Only the Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition supports stylus input while the Smartphone is closer to a regular cell phone.

Posted by Brian on 03.01.05 - 16:32:32

[13] I bought My SP3i from Arne - the joystick has serious problems moving right and down - anyone else got the same problem?

I've sent a number of emails to Arne - with no response so far.  Used the Contact Arne in the hope to get a response that way.

Just hope I can get a replacement that works or my money back - see this link:

Posted by Arne Hess on 03.01.05 - 20:31:31

[14] Hi Brian! Sorry for the delay but the couple of E-Mails you sent was one on 29th and one, 1 minute before you posted the comment here. I'm really sorry but between the years I was off for some days vacation and therefore I wasn't able to reply in time.

Regarding your joystick problem, please check your E-Mail.

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