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SITE UPDATE: Preventing Comment Spam
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 27.04.05 - 23:16:35 CET under 06 - Site News - Viewed 12662x
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I've just wanted to let you know that I try hard to make the::unwired a better (and spam-free place). ;-) At least I try hard not to spread spam through my comments page. Maybe you have seen in the past comments like "Online Casino" etc which includes many links to sites, not really related to the article.
In fact these comments are spam, provided by spam-bots which are crawling through the web and enters comments automatically.

This spam is not necessarily to get the::unwired visitors to click through on the links they submit, but rather to get search engines to count those link towards their link ranking scores. This makes the identification of user-submitted comment essential. :(

The search team over at Google approached with the idea of flagging hyperlinks with a rel="nofollow" link attribute in order to alert their search spider that a particular link shouldn't be factored into their PageRank calculations. The Yahoo and MSN search teams have also indicated they'd support this new spec and therefore I've also updated the comments code in the forum now to support this hyperlink flag.

As much as I'm bothered by spam, I'm sure you are bothered not less and therefore I'm sure you support this initiative as well. The downside is, that links in you comments will not counted by Google, MSN or Yahoo bots anymore nor will site visited from this link. :( However, the search engine results all of us get from supporting this initiative is more valuable then what we lose.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by donbacardi on 28.04.05 - 08:52:30


Appreciate all your efforts in keeping SPAM away from your website.  This is a "great turn-of" anytime I enter any website.  Keep up the good work !

Posted by micaels on 28.04.05 - 17:14:56

donbacardi wrote:


Appreciate all your efforts in keeping SPAM away from your website.  This is a "great turn-of" anytime I enter any website.  Keep up the good work !

First of all I agree with what donbacardi says and I want to thank you Arne for all your great work to tis site.

Posted by donbacardi on 29.04.05 - 14:47:43


It's truly unfortunate to see "bigoted, racist idiots" such as this one still in existence here in the year of our lord, 2005. Just shows how much progress mankind has done.  Truly unbelievable !  Only advise I can provide you with is to block folks from entering comments here if they're unregistered.  I ran into a similar situation once with this MSN group that I created.  Once I had folks apply for membership and I had a chance to screen them prior-- all my troubles were gone as well as SPAM. I also had the option as Manager to delete these type of messages.   

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