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SMART PHONES: Vodafone and Philips gave a CeBIT preview
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 06.02.04 - 10:45:22 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 6816x
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Yesterday, the first phone manufactures and carriers gave a preview of their upcoming cell phone products - to be released on CeBIT.

First one is Vodafone who showed their new Vodafone Live GX-30 phone from Sharp which is a triple band clamshell with a 240 x 320 pixel main display featuring 65k colors :eek: and features the first 1 Megapixel camera for GSM phone! 8O
In addition it includes IrDA, Bluetooth and support for SD cards.

Also new is Philips' clamshell 855 which connects through a video cable with your TV to watch previously snapped photos on a larger screen. The built-in display features 120 x 160 pixel with 16 Bit.

Wow, that's an amazing development - especially showed by Vodafone. A Megapixel cam for a Smartphone and a screen with the same size Pocket PCs have makes me wonder how fast Microsoft will continue with their developments now?
As Microsoft already announced, the screen resolution for the Smartphone will be increased (during this year?) from 176 x 220 to 240 x 320 which seems to become a common screen resolution for smart phones now while the screen resolution for Pocket PCs is also enhanced!

But the Sharp GX-30 isn't a great photo phone only but also includes features now, previously seen with PDAs only like supporting SD card and not to mention Bluetooth. Seems Vodafone is becoming a top device designer now!

What I like with the Philips phone and why I mentioned it here as well, is the possibility to connect it with TV to watch the previously snapped photos. Something you can't do with Pocket PCs or Smartphones today but you need 3rd party video card solutions which works - so far - with Pocket PCs only but not with Smartphones.

I hope we will see similar features for Microsoft Smartphones soon too!

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by DubWireless on 06.02.04 - 12:19:36

The Sharp displays are fantastic - they introduced their GX-20 model with a Continuous Grain Silicon display at the same colour depth and resolution

CG Silicon which allows the required circuits to be built directly onto the component with the TFT to create what they call system-on-glass - it gives a speed increase over regular (polysilicon) TFTs, operates at lower temp and reduces the number of components required to build the display module (allowing it to be smaller) - and the display quality and resolution it offers has to be seen to appreciate it

Looking forward to seeing how they have progressed with their 3D displays, at CeBIT last year they had some proto-type phone and PDAs set up with 3D displays - they were pretty amazing, you had to be looking from a particular viewpoint - but it really worked on the artificial landscape fly-over they had playing on them!

I'm always a little wary when Vodafone "brand" a handset though - for example from the Bluetooth qualification site the GX-30 has only been qualified with Headset and Serial port profiles - no Object exchange or File Transfer - Vodafone don't want you swapping e.g. images over Bluetooth they want you generating MMS revenue for them! - they also manage to hi-jack several buttons and menu items to connect to their Live! service

Looking forward to seeing the technology incorporated into Smartphones too


Posted by Uzer on 06.02.04 - 12:19:49

Arne, I don't think Vodafone-branded phones are designed by Vodafone. They choose which phones they want to brand according to both technical and commercial reasons. It seems they have developed quite a strong commercial relationship with Sharp and this is not a surprise; Sharp may sell well in Japan but their penetration in Europe is very limited.

This is just to say that credits for a phone technical specifications should go to Sharp not to Vodafone.


Posted by DubWireless on 06.02.04 - 12:30:08

Hi Uzer, sure Vodafone don't create hardware, but they specify what they want in the handset and the features it will offer, especially with Sharp who they have a special relationship

The hardware we see in the GX series is pretty much taken from technology that has proven itself in the Japanese market e.g. the J-SH010 was the first handset to have Sharp's CG Silicon display - then it arrived in the GX-20

This is how things are done in Japan (and some of what Vodafone learnt by buying J-Phone), where the Operator will specify core features the handsets should have and the Handset manufacturers provide these with some "extras" to differentiate themselves

It's good to see the hardware enhancements arriving, but you also get the hardware specified and customised for generating revenue for the Operator...


Posted by Arne Hess on 06.02.04 - 13:18:52

@Uzer: Your are wrong! Vodafone designs and specifies the features of the devices they launch as Vodafone Live terminal.

However, there are two different classes: 1st VF Live compliant which means a device fulfill the minimum requirements like a Sagem MY6. 2nd: Vodafone specified where the GUI, the features and everything is specified by Vodafone Global (here in Germany) and which is OEM'd by a device manufacture than like the Sharp above.

Vodafone already employs a lot of device product managers here in VF Global and continues to hire and I know it because my follower at O2 and a good friend now moved to VF Global and he designed the device above... ;-)

Keep in mind - I'm not talking about the used plastic, etc but the device feature requirements!

Posted by Uzer on 06.02.04 - 14:36:48

Arne, obviously I don't the extent of the partnership between Vodafone and Sharp. I can imagine that if the phone is designed by Vodafone then the OEM is not allowed to sell it "un-branded".... This doesn't happen for all "Vodafone" terminals; take the SonyEricsson T610: it's sold in many countries as a Vodafone Live terminal but SonyEricsson can sell it "un-branded" in other markets where the commercial agreement doesn't apply. That phone is definitely not designed by Vodafone but by SonyEricsson. The branding (i.e. one button dedicated to VF live, theme colours, etc) is under Vodafone's control but not the feature set of the phone.


Posted by Arne Hess on 06.02.04 - 14:41:03

The SE terminal is a case 1 device like the Sagem MY6 but the Sharp above is different!

Therefore the credit goes to VF and not to Sharp!

Posted by Sabio Proelait on 07.02.04 - 14:05:28

It isn't a windows smartphone right?

Would be great if it was.

Posted by APA on 09.02.04 - 09:36:52

I really hope on CEBIT we will se finally the first phones that have a WIFI modul included. smile (my dream smile )

Posted by HWCORE on 12.07.04 - 06:43:57

[3] I have a SHARP SH010 phone - i got this as a present from a relative who lives in .jp and I'm wondering if i can find a datacable and software (english not japan).
PLease e-mail me if you have a hint for me.

Posted by HWCORE on 12.07.04 - 06:45:48

If you can help me regarding the SHARP SH010 please e-mail me :

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