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SMARTPHONE: AIS, TA Orange launch their Smartphone 2002 devices
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Monday, 31.03.03 - 10:55:38 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 5605x
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Advanced Info Services and TA Orange are locked into a battle to be the first carrier to offer the Smartphone 2002 platform in Thailand. Both carriers will be launching their Smartphone 2002 devices today, March 31, 2003 (+7 GMT).

AIS will be offering their version of the Microsoft-powered smartphone on the Thai market dubbed the “Smart”. While TA Orange will be marketing the SPV.

AIS's launch of the Smart was originally scheduled for Thursday, but TA Orange's announcement that it would launch its SPV (sound, picture, video) smartphone model on the market tomorrow, in a bid to be the first provider of the phones in the country has prompted AIS to move the launch date to today.

This then prompted TA Orange to move their launch date of its SPV to today.

The introductory price of TA Orange's SPV is about Bt17,900, which includes an attachable digital camera and other peripherals.

Smart comes in at the same price but without the digital camera.

Another difference is that the SPV can only be used on TA Orange's network, while the Smart can be hooked up to any mobile-phone network.

This makes Thailand as the second Asian country to have the Smartphone 2002.

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Posted by Frank on 12.04.03 - 21:59:09


Can YOU me tell, why comes the Tanager in Juni from T-Mobile?

Why not comes in "April"????

We are waiting and waiting and...

Posted by Arne Hess on 13.04.03 - 00:59:28

@Frank: I think the only one who can tell you why it is postponed is T-Mobile.

However, from my own background and experience I know that network testings and approvals can take a long time. Since T-Mobile is introducing a new kind of device class, this might takes longer; also I expect to see Tanager optimized T-Zones on it which needs also time to be adopted.

But all these are my personal experiences and impressions, I don't have any feedback from T-Mobile now...

Posted by Stephan Schmidt on 14.04.03 - 16:17:30

I can also say that T-Mobile is well testing. Normaly if a new phone is launched then T-Mobile will only sell the "second version". It means they wait up to one and a half month and then they list the new phone. With the Tanager they have to do all the testing by their own. So we have to wait. but we have a good chance to get a phone without big faults.

Posted by smitty on 14.04.03 - 18:57:34

@schmidt: Like the testing t-mo did on the PPCPE? With the PPCPE they did everything except what you said. They put it out first in the USA, didn't do extensive testing (most of the bugs/flaws were related directly to software t-mo installed or their network), and it had huge faults.

Posted by Arne Hess on 14.04.03 - 21:24:21

@Stephan Schmidt/smitty: Yes, I also can not confirm what Stephan says here.

Just two examples: The Nokia 7110 was introduced my T-Mobile from the very first beginning, even if other carriers rejected the network approval; right now they've introduced the Samsung Clamshell Multimedia terminal, which is brand new and they didn't wait for a second release. Same with the Siemens s25 when it was new, etc...

So I don't know where you got this information from.

Also I was talking about network approvals, not OS testing, which is a complete different story. As T-Mobile is going to introduce a complete new device, with a new radio stack, they have to do heavier tests then with a Nokia phone, which only includes new features but where the core is the same. Network testing in a test environment means testing against all vendors BTS's, HLRs, VLRs and now for sure also SGSNs and GGSNs, not to forget the SIM cards, with and without Java from different vendors and services like handovers, CSD, GPRS, WAP, SAT and so on. So the main part of the engineers at T-Mobile is not playing with the UI but doing hard core tests "connect" never has heard about before... ;-)

T-Mobile isn't able to change the UI anyway but you can trust me, that they send back and forth the radio stack to HTC and this takes time, a long time...

I've joined this procedure several times with different handsets when I was at O2.

Posted by Nat on 12.06.03 - 19:47:06

I am thai

there are many mistake in this news

Posted by Arne Hess on 12.06.03 - 22:13:55

@Nat: ??? The item was sourced from a Thai News Site. Please email us the the details.

Mabuhay ~ Carlo

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