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SOLUTION: Pocket Bluetooth Tools for the O2 xda II and the MDA II
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 08.12.03 - 20:15:00 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 14542x
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"axbl" let us know in the PPCW.Net Forum about a project of Tobias Waldvogel which seems to be a real solution for the HTC Himalaya platform to use with Bluetooth GPS receivers now and he linked there to the project page which looks pretty promising:

All of you who have bought already a Bluetooth GPS might have noticed that the Bluetooth support on the O2 XDA II and the Telekom MDA II is pretty incomplete. Therefore I started this project to add the missing functionality.

Currently you are able to pair your device with the PDA. But afterwards you need a COM port to communicate with the device. This software creates this COM port for you.

Later on I will add some additional features related to Bluetooth.

Sounds really impressive so here are more information:

  • Get the latest version from the download section and install it.
  • Remove the Bluetooth device from the list of coupled device and pair it again.
  • Now you will get an addition dialog which let you choose the COM, which you would like to assign to the device. Click on create port and you are done.
  • The port is available immediately, there is no need to reboot.
  • There is an option to activate and deactive Bluetooth automatically. When you start using your Bluetooth device you will get a dialog asking you whether you want to activate Bluetooth and afterwards there is another dialog asking if you want to deactivate it again to save power.

Because I currently don't have a Bluetooth GPS receiver I can't not test it (shame on me - maybe something for my Christmas wish list ;-)) but maybe anyone of you - with a HTC Himalaya - can test it and can give us some comments below?

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by PalMop on 08.12.03 - 21:52:05

It works fine with EMTAC GPS, COM7, 4800 bps, NMEA data. I tested GPS Tuner 2.0, Mapopolis 4.33 and Destinator 3. All work beautifully

Posted by vetie on 08.12.03 - 22:40:26

Works just fine with the Globalsat BT 308 GPS unit. I am also using Routis for my navigation software. You can also use your BT headset at the same time as the GPS unit. Towa did a great job. Many thanks

Posted by Arne Hess on 08.12.03 - 23:00:27

Thanks guys for your confirmation! Than this is the solution (as long as HTC hasn't upgraded the ROM) instead of installing the the Widcomm Bluetooth manager which killed the headset profile!

Posted by KA Kueh on 09.12.03 - 03:39:08

Dear Arne,

Does the new bluetooth addition support simultaneous ActiveSync and Headset profile?  I mean while I am doing sync via bluetooth, I can also make and receive calls.  Thanks.

Posted by kennethkryger on 09.12.03 - 08:43:55

Dear Arne,

I noticed your screenshots are in German... Are they from PPCW.Net i-Mate Phone Edition?

If so, maybe you can answer my question in the forum:



Posted by Henry Ace on 10.12.03 - 02:20:56

Worked great!  Tried on SocketCOM bluetooth GPS with Destinator 2 and resolved COM port issues.  Set to COM 5 and Destinator 2 detected COM5/5600bps/NMEA.  Thumbs up!!!

Posted by Compte Rudi on 14.12.03 - 10:03:35

working great idd . i have tested with Tom Tom and the emtac Bt .

Posted by deepak on 14.12.03 - 10:07:13

download link not

i was desperately waiting for something like this to happen and was searching in a ll the other forums.

My application for using this is to active sync my imate with my sony vaio Z1 laptop which uses bluespace ne. a custom software and demands a port on the imate..Bluespace cant find a port on the imate and does not help in activesync...I have debated on this issue in sony forums and they happen to say that port must not be vissible on imate which to some extent was conmfusing me...i hope this is the answer....if anyone els has anything else to say to me please help

Posted by Arne Hess on 17.12.03 - 10:15:36

Geoffrey! I'm not the developer and I don't host the download but it's a link to the developer's site.

However, for me the links above are working...

Posted by Geoffrey on 17.12.03 - 08:47:38

I am really having problem in accessing your download site. Please help or if possible email the program to me directly. Much appreciated your help. Regards.

Posted by Andrew on 20.12.03 - 11:15:05

It doesn't work with Destinator 3 and the Leadtek Bluetooth GPS - There's a 1KM+ lag time for some reason.... Destinator V2 doesn't work at all sad  Still not sure why though!

Posted by Randy Todd on 13.01.04 - 02:44:26

This solution is great! I hope everyone is sending in their paypal payment! I did!

Posted by Somaskantha on 21.01.04 - 05:03:17

I have XDA ii & downloaded the patch in a Zip format. How do I install to my XDA unit. Please guide me step by step. Thanks

Posted by Tony on 27.01.04 - 21:51:35

I have an XDA II and am trying to get TomTom Navigator to recognise a Holux Blootooth GPS device (GS230) but no luck. Any recommendations?

Posted by Jupi on 01.03.04 - 23:03:04

Works with Dell Axim X5 and Tomtom Wireless Bluetooth. Thank you very much with this program!

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