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STANDBY: Does the SD card drains your SPV E200 battery?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 22.12.03 - 14:44:37 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 7996x
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There is an interesting thread running over at MoDaCo which is worth to read. It's about the standby time of HTC's Voyager (aka Orange SPV E200, i-Mate Smartphone2) and I couldn't believe it when I read it first but it seems to be true:

The main battery drainer of the Smartphone isn't Bluetooth at all but it's the SD/MMC card you might use with your device. lutzh wrote:

86 % battery w/o card - 1 day, 3 hrs, 40 min left
85 % battery w MMC card - 14 hrs, 25 min left
85 % battery w SD card - 14 hrs, 24 min. left

All numbers taken from smartbatt plugin with an HTC Voyager with Bluetooth on!

I made the test myself last night and left the device switched on but removed the MMC card and while it usually left up to 3 bars on the next morning this morning it hadn't left a bar! 8O

So far I've recommended to install as much as possible applications on an external flash card to save storage space on the Smartphone itself but with the HTC Voyager it seems a better idea to install the apps on the device and not using a SD or MMC card to save battery and increase the standby time, which is much more important at all!

Hmmm... I'm a little bit clueless now and hope HTC gets this bug fixed soon!

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Abed Husseini on 22.12.03 - 18:26:31

Is this also true for the HTC Tanager models?  Has anybody tested it on that platform?

Posted by Arne Hess on 22.12.03 - 18:40:01

No, it isn't for the Tanager. Several people tested it with the Tanager and Canary and there it seems not to be!

Posted by Andrew Jameson on 26.12.03 - 11:53:49

I have tried removing the SD card from SPV E200, and it does seem to increase the battery life.  However since buying my first mobile way back in 1996, which was a Nokia, I find the battary life of the E200 very disapointing compared to the 6310i I upgraded from.  The SPV does have is good points in that now I do not have to type in all those contact details again, but if HTC could sort out the Battary life issue I would give the phone a 10/10.  I also belive that Nokia sold me their last phone, the 6310i.

Posted by Mars on 01.01.04 - 11:12:16

Dear Arne:

I have some of Voyager in warehouse. I want to do the same test about battery life.

Can u tell me how to test it , because i am not practiced to use Voyager.

All I know  from your article is :

1. Insert  Sim card , SD card ,  Power on , Bluetooth on .  Then waiting.....

2. After 14hrs  24min , it hadn't left any battery bar on display

Waht does  the "switched on" mean???

After I testing  , I can post the result here.

Posted by James on 13.01.04 - 23:23:34

The reason why it uses up more battery life is pretty simple once you thin about it:

The phone has to use some power to read the card which wouldn't normally be used if the card wasn't used. The power is required to access the card and such...

So if your not using the card don't have it plugged in, that way your phone won't try to access it for other things

Posted by Mark Dorey on 15.01.04 - 13:30:45

Related issue to Smart Card for SPV E200 - I have purchased a 'cheap' SD card from Ebuyer and it does not seem to be compatible with the phone.  Can anyone tell me why?!! Is it a formatting problem, or does the SPV just work with Orange approved SD cards??

Posted by Rich on 19.01.04 - 01:24:24

my e200 seems to work with Viking, Panasonic and Lexar mmc or sd cards. Try formattiing it before using in the phone.

Posted by Jon M on 10.02.04 - 19:00:31

I have recently bought a 512MB Viking SD card for use with me SPV e200.   I cant get the card to work in the phone.  My SPV picks up the card, recognises the space availble on the card but when I attempt to write files to it I get errors.  These errors say there may be not enough room on the card or the card may by write protected, but the card is empty and unprotected sad

Posted by Mossy on 24.02.04 - 14:18:26

I am having the same problems with a Kingston 256Mb SD card. I can write stuff to it when its in my IPAQ but not when it is in the e200. It just says copying, does nothing and the only way to unfreeze is to remove and reinsert which aborts the copy. I can see the contents and space of the card and play MP3's from it but a a time from 1 min to 10 mins the card just disappears and must be unplugged to recognise again.

Has anyone had similar problems or even better found out why and how to fix?!

Posted by dave on 02.03.04 - 00:21:36

me too 128mb twinMOSS card doesn't work either. phone can see it and as someone else said it picks up the amount of storage available on it but thats it... error msgs as above when trying to write to it. Any fixes.. tried to format the thing when its in the phone but that made no diff.!!

Posted by Matthew on 03.03.04 - 21:14:28

I am also having problems. I bought a Kingston 256MB SD card also, and i just cant write anything to it. it just keeps saying write error, check the card is not write protected and is not full. and it's not a problem with the card, because my card reader can read/write files to and from it. i tried putting an mp3 on the card using the card reader, and it worked, but my phone would not play it. it recognised the file, but said "cannot play file". any ideas?

Posted by DF on 04.03.04 - 18:12:52

Yep, same sort of probs for me, kingston 256MB sd card, sometimes my phone doesnt recognise it, sometimes it does, but i never can write data to it!

Posted by Rix on 06.03.04 - 17:28:18

I bought a Kingston 512MB SD Card, only to find the same problem as you guys! I can see the card and use it's contents most of the time, but if I try to delete, edit or move andything it gives me errors. I used a 8mb Orange one and NO PROBLEMS. So I put my new 512mb SD card into a card reader and did it that way and it was fine. But this is pointless because whats the use of having a storage card if you can't write to it?! ARGH. Anyone fixed this problem? Please contact me.

Posted by Chris on 07.03.04 - 12:21:59

I purchased a SanDisk 256mb SD Card for mine which works perfectly. As other people have said, great phone - just needs the battery and bluetooth stuff sorting.

Posted by Steve on 10.03.04 - 20:18:20

I had the same problem with a 512Mb Kingston card. Having done some research it seems that there are two types of SD card. Single Level Cell (SLC) and Multi Level Call (MLC). The E200 does not like MLC cards, unfortunately most cheap cards are MLC. You need to check what type of card you are buying.

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