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STREAMING: MyTinyTV - place shift TV for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 23.01.06 - 18:00:37 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 22678x
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Today we have two great "place shift" TV solutions in the market already - Orb from Orb Networks and Sling Media's Slingbox. However, now comes another solution, developed for Pocket PCs and called MyTinyTV.

You can use MyTinyTV either at home within your own LAN or you can take it with you because it also works across the Internet when you are away from home. Go to your favorite wireless hotspot, like Starbucks, at airports, at hotels and watch TV or take your WAN broadband connection (MyTinyTV recommends a Pocket PC download speed of at least 250 Kbps, so EV-DO as well as UMTS are sufficient).
For remote access you will need a wireless Internet account and a decent broadband connection at your house (at least 250Kbps), where the desktop computer with the TV tuner is located.

In addition, for each show and movie, you can also obtain detailed programming information.

MyTinyTV costs US$ 59 but a fully functional 7 days trial version is available as well which is recommended to test first before you buy it. Also make sure to check the system requirements page first.

MyTinyTV isn't saying anything about the used technologies so I'm not sure which media player they use but I expect that they stream in WMV, if so a Windows Mobile powered Smartphone should work as well, if you use one of the latest HTC Tornados with inbuilt W-LAN.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Nils on 23.01.06 - 20:33:58

I agree, we already have great (and free) solutions so why should I pay for something new where I don't see something new?
I will continue with Orb which is such a great and free service and waiting for the PAL version of the Slinbox also since DVB-T is still not working with Orb not to mention that Orb can not work simultaneously with MCE and TV streaming! sad

Posted by no time to register on 24.01.06 - 21:27:34

Orb is indeed free, but not get what you pay for. It is soo unstable and seems to be held together with glue & tape. Yes, sometimes I can get it to stream TV to my phone or work PC, but I dumped the software is it created so many problems on my MCE 2005 machine at home to warrant running the software all the time and leaving the machine on. I constantly had problems with my music catalog showing up wrong and my guide data not being accurate and even when those were right, the streaming was so spotty that i found myself re-starting the stream every 5-10 minutes or fiddling with . No wonder it is free....I would pay for it if they just get it to work once in a while.

Furthermore, I don't see how they are going to survive with a crappy product and no business plan, so I'm not going to get too depenedent on their technology, especially when this will be a component of Vista when it ships and even though it is from Microsoft, it HAS to work better than Orb. See … ia-center/

Posted by Arne Hess on 25.01.06 - 11:35:45

That's harsh words I can not agree at all. Sure, Orb is free and that's great. Also I wouldn't speculate about business plans since I see many opportunities for Orb Networks to make money out of Orb.

But back to the problems you've figured out. First my experiences with streaming are limited because DVB-T is still supported in a limited Beta only, therefore I don't have too many experiences here except one time, when I was testing Orb on another machine. Regarding the music functionalities I don't have a single problem. It simply works and it works great. My catalog is almost complete and Orb shows me all the tracks I have on my PC. Streaming via GPRS, UMTS and W-LAN isn't a problem at all and I do it fairly often if I'm in the office, at the bus, in hotels, etc.
Same with streaming recorded TV shows. Also this works but to get a good result, for sure you need a decent uplink which I have (DL 1536/ UL 1024 kbit/s).

Regarding Vista I agree, could be interesting to see something similar but do you expect you get streamed anything else than WMA, WMV and maybe MP3? I don't think so also I don't think Vista will output anything different than WMA and WMV but I like the 3GPP option in Orb which gives me access from my 3G UMTS phones as well.

All together I'm pretty happy with Orb, even if I see some room for improvements like a better and deeper MCE integration, not to mention that I will not shut down MCE to get live TV streamed. Here I wish Orb can go another way to enable this feature!

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