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TECHNOLOGY: Is it the start of the 2D Barcode craze?
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Saturday, 20.01.07 - 23:23:46 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 8549x
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2D Barcodes are not really new. It's a technology which has been in use for some time now. Most of the uses though may be found where inventory is important with multiple details being held within each 2D barcode. Unlike regular barcodes which are in use in most places like groceries and shops, the 2D barcode can store much more data.

Another company has set out to make this more public in regions other than Japan where 2D barcodes are very common nowadays. TMS is another 2D barcode which is simplified but designed for mobile use. The company M MEDIA 2.0, has decided to release this in Asia initially in the Philippines. Their reason is that the Philippines is the largest SMS consumer in Asia thus making it a more viable place to test their service with.

This service is similar to what Windows Live Barcode is set to offer. This works like QR Code, or DataMatrix. The nice thing is that the company has included Windows Mobile devices in its list of available TMS barcode readers.

How it works.

These barcodes can be included in various products or merchandise to immediately connect the user to the website, or multimedia content that the 2D barcode is pointed to.

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Posted by swampthing on 21.01.07 - 17:24:47

Qode is the unviersal reader in the United States.

This is a  FREE down loadable platform for cell phones.

Click their home page to see if your phone can support the application.

Gavitec is their other partner which reads the codes on from your cell phone.

A one stop shop for brand manufactures who want to promote their product to the consumer. Thru the mobile we.  One click to content.  They can modify their own product code to offer discounts, promotions, instructions, or where to find the nearest location.

Great article.

Posted by qode on 21.01.07 - 20:00:03

Thank you swampthing for mentioning NeoMedia's qode. I've been running it on my Nokia Symbian OS enabled mobile and it works amazingly well ... Perhaps the best mobile code scanning application available. It can do code scanning, manual barcode number entry for UPCs, and keyword entry.

I heard that NeoMedia and Gavitec will be combining qode and Lavasphere so qode will be  code agnostic and able to read both QR and Datamatrix in the very near future. I've also had the pleasure of lab testing Lavasphere while over in Europe and it is a fantastic mobile app with flawless code scanning capabilities. NeoMedia is lucky to be teamed up with Gavitec.

btw, NeoMedia has some major brands lined up for their grand US launch of qode this year. However unfortunately, a non-disclosure prevents me from discussing these deals at this time. Just know that things are cooking down in Ft. Myers and soon we will see NeoMedia's smartcodes on millions of 'physical objects' throughout Europe, China, Australia, and North America (US, Canada, and Latin America).

Stay tuned . . . .

Posted by Arne Hess on 21.01.07 - 21:03:14

Heya. Just checked your website and saw that Windows Mobile isn't listed (yet) as available device. Hope Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones are one of the things you cannot mention today! ;-)

Posted by qode on 21.01.07 - 21:32:42

Appreciate the reply Mr. Hess

Currently putting the finishing touches on the BREW mobile OS, with Windows Mobile and Palm OS shortly after.

With NewsCorp on board, qode is ramping up to make a global splash throughout Europe, China, Australia, and North America. Also keep an eye out for millions of qode enabled bottles on ONE Water in the UK, which will allow consumers to use their mobile to connect directly to ONE Water's mobile website.

Posted by CodeFan on 12.02.07 - 19:23:53

Will be interesting to see if the quode hype comes true.  As an investor in NEOM, I have been through many phases of hype.  What seems key to me is carrier adoption.  The NEWS corp tease with NEOM has no revenue attached and is tenuous at best.  Your post on Philippines is interesting.  Very robust SMS and mobile payment track record there.  But Nextcode got the lead their with SMART (22 million subscribers) and SMART is integrating it into their whole service offering:  They are using Nextcode's mCode but calling it DECODE by SMART.  Apparently it went out in a big push this weekend with ringtones giveaways, free downloads etc.  Should be interesting to see how it develops.  With SMARTS huge size and money, not sure TMS is going to get much traction...

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