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TEST DRIVE: Day 4 - Looking at Pocket Office and PIE
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Friday, 18.07.03 - 11:24:25 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 6914x
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Probably one of the components that make up the Pocket PC OS which we have all been expecting to have been vastly improved would be Pocket Office. Sadly though, what we've expected from Microsoft still remains to be seen. Pocket Office, that is Pocket Word and Pocket Excel remains the same.

The only thing that has really changed are the exclusion of Word 6.0/95 Document and Excel 5.0/95 Workbook and Template Save As features. A pretty nice touch though for Pocket Word (which is also shared by the Inbox) is the Auto Correct feature. The database is a text file in the ROM, which hopefully can be modified somehow to add commonly misspelled words.

The Auto Correct feature as I explained before, simply corrects the misspelled word after you put a space after it or end a sentence with a period. Pocket Word also seems to render the fonts pretty well even in ClearType mode. It appears finer and more pleasant to look at now as compared to the one in Pocket PC 2002.

Moving on to something better, although visually it seems to have been revised minimally, is the Pocket Internet Explorer. First of all, it renders pages better now since it supports CSS. The upgraded HTML and JScript standards certainly helps in accessing websites such as Yahoo! Mail and at least allow to manage the webmail inbox altogether. XHTML support and support for animated GIFs have also been included with the new Pocket Internet Explorer. There have been several reviews on the Pocket Internet Explorer and this by far is the most improved part of the Pocket PC Applications.

While the Autofit feature may not adjust all webpages to the 240x320 screen of the Pocket PC, it does a pretty god job at trying to squeeze in graphics and text so that they strike a better balance. The previous version performed poorly on this task of fitting pages and images designed for desktop viewing.

Gone is the Hide/Show Image icon from the tool bar. The option is now placed in the View Menu.

My AvantGo is gone!

Well that was my initial reaction. But why is it in my Favorites Folder in Pocket Internet Explorer? Well, I was really surprised (I'm using an ASUS MyPal A620 for this Test Drive) until I created an ActiveSync Partnership which included AvantGo as one of the synchronized items. Well everything is back to normal and even that performs just like AvantGo in Pocket PC 2002.

Mabuhay! ~ Carlo