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THOUGHT: And now? What's your favorite Pocket PC Phone Edition?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 16.09.04 - 00:16:06 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 13035x
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The past days were pretty exciting since we have heard about a lot of new Pocket PC Phone Editions from O2, T-Mobile, i-mate, even Vodafone and others. While all of them are going to release the HTC Blue Angel soon (they call O2 Xda IIs/III, T-Mobile MDA III, VPA III, etc), T-Mobile and i-mate are going to launch the HTC Magician as well (T-Mobile MDA Compact/i-mate JAM) while O2 is going to release a so far unknown Pocket PC Phone Edition (O2 Xda IIi) and I wonder what's your choice yet?

Is it the HTC Himalaya (Xda II/MDA II) sized Blue Angel with W-LAN support and thumb-keyboard, is it the smaller and lighter - iPod like - Magician or might it be the O2 Xda IIi where we know nothing, except it comes with the fastest CPU, megapixel camera and Wi-Fi support.

Or is it even a completely different Pocket PC Phone Edition like the Motorola MPx or the HP ipaq H6300?

Hard to decide, I know but since most of us cannot buy all of them (and can not use all of them simultaneously), what's your choice?
When I've heard about the Blue Angel I thought "perfect". Than I tried the MPx and thought "even better". When I've heard first time about the Magician I thought "that's what I want" and now? Maybe it's the Xda IIs with its stronger CPU, megapixel camera and Wi-Fi - I don't know it anymore... :-( Have you already made your decision?

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by rdkay on 16.09.04 - 10:06:42

big_smile I think I will go for the MDA Compact. Its stylish and small and has megapixel camera, improved Bluetooth and WM SE. If its out in November I gonna get one :-)

Posted by me on 16.09.04 - 10:42:50

:Pits ok i suppose i could do beter

Posted by Wiz on 16.09.04 - 23:55:37

[3] Until now I have been really impressed with the  iPaq 6315's battery life. No way an XDA is ever going to beat that, at least not for a long while. Aside form that, the performance of the 168 Mhz cpu actually is better than most people think, having a second 200Mhz CPU core offloading all communications from the main CPU (dual-core desgin)

Posted by Rick on 17.09.04 - 05:07:37

I'd go with the MDA III.  It's got all the features I'm looking for and can finally carry only one device!

Posted by ChrisSpera on 17.09.04 - 16:19:24

Motorola MPx is the one I'm waiting for.  I have an i700 right now that is not as hot as I thought it was going to be.  I'm really very disappointed with it.  While I know I will be giving up Verizon to get the MPx, I am hoping that it will be a better all around choice for me and allow me to drop one of the devices I carry on a regular basis.

Posted by Siliconaddict on 17.09.04 - 12:13:45

The black O2 XDA IIi with boosted battery life, an upgraded 1.3-megapixel camera, a faster 520MHz processor, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and all the GSM/GPRS/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth radio brainmelt from before. Yeah baby yeah!

Posted by Mo_Pho on 17.09.04 - 17:18:19

[6] I chose the smartphone platform and while I like the one-handed operation of it I prefer the PPC Phone Edition.  I too considered the MPx but one of the things I missed most was the screen size and I don't think the MPx will make me happy, so I pre-ordered the i-mate version of the MDA III.  Can't wait to get a hold of this puppy  8)

Posted by ducsurfer on 17.09.04 - 18:00:37

i am all over the looks on the O2 XDAIIs

Posted by ducsurfer on 17.09.04 - 18:07:56

of course i ment the O2 XDAIIi...... silly me

Posted by Don Juan DeMarco on 17.09.04 - 20:02:28

These Are Truely Awesome, But I Say THE NEW ASUS MYPAL A730 is Much Better, except it lacks wi-fi. But Its coming out with A730w with wifi soon. Shud Probably List IT As THE TOP.

Posted by Mike G on 17.09.04 - 22:41:29

what a bunch of idiotic names!

damn, are the XDA folks gone crazy?
we want just an XDA III to follow our current XDA II,
with keyboard, 1.3Mpixel, WiFi, ext Bat, faster CPU, VGA screen.
why can't we just get that as the next device?
why do we have to have a bunch of confusing names/setups?
I'll switch to the first device to support all the above.

Posted by Kayode on 19.09.04 - 10:01:44

I still love my XDA II. I am not impressed by some slight modification of my XDA II and hence I am going to use my XDA II for a minimum of 2 years. The only device out there that catches my attention is the so called XDA IIi with a faster processor 520MHz and 1.3 megapixel camera. I don't know how useful the Q-WERTY keyboard is.
All in all, I am a contented man with my XDA II.

Posted by Frank on 19.09.04 - 10:08:09

[6] After playing with the MPx all weekend  8) I'm convinced that I will not be getting one  lol Reason is quite simple: I rely on the PPC functions like Email, Reader and even EXCEL and dislike a smaller display... other than that the MPx is just a beauty.

[12] Mate, I couldn't agree more. I also struggle to recognize any value in moving away from my beloved XDA II. The keyboard is useless, the camera is the one component I really don't need... let me see what the XDA IV is like  big_smile

Posted by Samer on 22.09.04 - 08:27:49

For me, though I didnt even get a hold of MPX, but I defentely gonna buy one. One huge disadvantage of XDAIII or XDAIIi is that if you want to use both hands to type, you must put it on the table to type, and then you must bend over the screen to see your written text. Don't tell me ur gonna hold the XDAIII like you hold a nokia and use only 2 thumbs to write?!?!?!?! :?

I find Motorola MPX to be the best, simply becuase it's a mini-laptop, with features that may or may not may be available in your very laptop.

Now I do know, it has a smaller screen and a slower CPU, but this lead to a smaller device to ultimately easier to hold in your pocket or on a belt. I am a former owner of XDAII and I have to say for me it was the best device ever, and XDAIII, or even XDAIIi will boost the device tremendously, however, the device is just too big to a point that it become intimidating and even humuliating to stick it on your ear, you might as well stick your regular rotary analogue phone of your own house.

For me, a great slim design, very compact and small, easy to use, multi-function (2 Keybaords + Stylus Pen), and a laptop look is defenetley my only choice, regretting of course the slower CPU and the smaller screen.

Posted by Adamz on 22.09.04 - 15:08:23

I'll go for whichever one supports voice dialing over a Bluetooth headset.  Don't care much about a keyboard or WiFi.  The MPx doesn't have enough memory to really make use of WiFi in my opinion.  The H6315 is too slow and an old operating system.  The HTC Magician sounds very nice, but if it doesn't have voice dialing over Bluetooth, I'll stick with my XDA II.

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