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THOUGHT: Back to the roots - Pocket PC (Phone Edition) plus 3G/UMTS mobile phone
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 03.03.04 - 21:22:44 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 8425x
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Today, when I've tested some parts of my current 3G project, I thought about how convenient and handy it would be to use my PPCW.Net i-Mate Phone Edition with the speed of the current pre-launch 3G/UMTS networks and hey, why not back to the roots and using WAN via my mobile phone?
So I've installed Bluetooth Tools because it adds a Bluetooth modem port to the Phone Edition, bonded my i-Mate Phone Edition with my Nokia 7600 UMTS terminal and created a new dial-up connection:

The result might be the fastest, currently available WAN connected Pocket PC (Phone Edition):

Up to 63 Kbit/s while you surf the web and around 100 Kbit/s for a FTP download isn't that bad! :-) Okay, it's far away from promised 1 Mbit/s or more realistic 384 Kbit/s but hey, with my Pocket PCs I never surfed that fast before in WAN environments! :-) Is the future bright and UMTS?

Best of all - all the dial-up strings you use to connect to GPRS today will also work with UMTS! So all you need is to dial *99# and adding the appropriate +cgdcont extra dial-string and you are ready to go!

So while we've learned today, that we have to wait another year for a UMTS enabled Windows Smartphone I a) hope that it won't take that long to get a 3G enabled Pocket PC Phone Edition and b) it seems we have to buy UMTS phones to use our Pocket PCs via 3G as we did before the introduction of Pocket PC Phone Edition to access GPRS through mobile phones.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Oliver Knop on 04.03.04 - 13:43:34

Arne, thats not bad, but I think could be faster. I tried the same with a Palm Tungsten T3 and a Nokia 7600 with D1 three weeks ago. My results (in Berlin Alexanderplatz) are a little bit higher: Web about 112 kBit/sec, best speed was about 176 kBit/sec.

Today I will try the same with a Siemens U15 and D1. Unfortunately, because I am an o2 business customer and would be happy to test it with o2 sad


Posted by Arne Hess on 04.03.04 - 14:12:34

@All: I got a couple of comments and questions by E-Mail which I will answer here:

1. Which sense does it makes to use a PPCPE with a UMTS terminal: Because yesterday evening I hadn't have another Bluetooth enabled Pocket PC with me. Sure this works with every other Bluetooth enabled or IrDA Pocket PC as well...

2. UMTS isn't that fast: I have to admit, that it is much slower on my Pocket PC than on my Notebook where I get connections faster than 100 Kbit/s (up to around 200 Kbit/s). One reason is that it depends on the quality of service you get provisioned with your USIM (the one I've used for the test above is provisioned with 128 Kbit/s) while my Notebook USIM is provisioned for 384 Kbit/s. Also the 3G network I'm currently using isn't launched by now and therefore the engineers are working on it - which means sometimes you get higher speeds, sometimes lower connections - not to mention that half of the company is currently using 3G which means you have a the highest penetration of UMTS terminals...

3. I will continue with the tests.

Cheers ~ Arne

PS: Ignore what other sites may wrote for which carrier I'm currently working for. Not everybody who seems to be well informed is well informed... ;-)

Posted by jl on 19.03.04 - 12:06:48

Hi, could you kindly advise what extra dial string I need to input in Toshiba e800 to use Sony Ericsson P900 as a wireless GPRS modem.  Thanks.

Posted by Mikael Holmberg on 02.08.04 - 13:50:10

Hi Arne,,

I'm using a nokia7600 together with my pocket pc. I'm very dissapointed.. My major concerns.

1. The gprs connection is not as reliable as the old 2g was.

2. You cant make a dialup connection from a pocket pc using the nokia 7600. Even though the phone supports high speed dial up connections, no attempts from nokia support have come up with a dialstring for the pocket pc. So whenever there's a dissconnect there is no way to go around it, which sucks big time since I really need 100% mobile reliability. And besides, I cant use it in places where there is no 3g network. Have yoiu been able to make a dialup connection from your pocket pc through the 7600?

3. The speed is not constant but excellerating. The more you demand the more you get, which means that nothing really works better than what it did  2g. The speed is not fast and constant enough to run video conference softwares like nexiphone or portrait. And regular webpages doesn't load any faster either. I had a pretty constant speed from 30 to 60 kbs with 2g which is exactly the same I have now. I must say I thought of much higher speeds when they talked about "mobile broadband" in their advertisments..

Best regards


Posted by Arne Hess on 02.08.04 - 16:52:07

[4] @1: Well, at least for me it is the same as previous 2G connections were. Not competitive with Wi-Fi but much faster than 2.5G aka GPRS.
@2: Not sure which carrier your are using but as the example above shows I'm able to connect from the Pocket PC to the UMTS network, using the Nokia 7600.
The dial-up string is the same as for GPRS (+cgdcont=1,"IP","APN_NAME_HERE") and the dial-up number is, like with GPRS *99#
In places where is no UMTS coverage the same string is working for GPRS as long as your carrier has a single APN name environment for 2.5G and 3G.
@3: Are you sure you are connected to the 3G network? The Nokia 7600 indicates it with a "3" and a "G" below the signal strength.

All together this combination (Pocket PC and Nokia 7600) is working pretty good for me!

Posted by bamse on 22.08.04 - 23:24:02

Can you receive (or make) a phone call while maintaining the data connection? Like can you check and retreive your email on the ppc while talking to someone on the phone?

Posted by Dave on 16.09.04 - 20:45:52

[5] Hei Arne, can you explain me how to connect my qtek with my 7600 umts connection? please help me, i need it to work...
i need the connection strings for the qtek and for the 7600..

i hope in your help
thanx DAVE

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