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THOUGHT: Being mobile with a Smartphone and Pocket PC Phone Edition only
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 15.10.03 - 12:16:02 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 7087x
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Last weekend I was away from home (as you might have seen on the missing updates on PPCW.Net) because my brother had Birthday and for some other personal reasons. Because it was planned as a short trip only, I took the xda II and my PPCW.Net i-Mate with me only but no Notebook.

The good stuff
Generally you don't have to carry a Notebook with you at all if you have that two wireless devices with you since you can send and receive E-Mails, check the web and even access you PC via Terminal Service Client (damn, forgot to activate the Terminal Service Client port in my firewall I've disabled when I was in holidays last month). So I was more or less up to date - doesn't matter where I was (at my brother, my parents or my friends) and I haven't missed my Notebook at all except for some minor stuff (see below "the bad stuff"). I used the xda II to make some pictures on the birthday party and overall built-in cameras are great stuff anyway because they are with you all the time. So for example I made the following set of photos yesterday on the German Autobahn:

It's a masked car which must be a new Opel (Vauxhall) because of the "GG" (Groß Gerau, near Rüsselsheim where Opel is located at) on the number plate. In German that kind of prototypes are called "Erlkönig" and to shoot it, I don't have to twiddle out my Nikon out of my bag but I simply used my mobile device! :-) That's why I love the camera of mobile phones - it's mostly with me.

The bad stuff
Are devices with clip-on cameras only. As much I love my PPCW.Net i-Mate and as much I use the clip-on camera; I forgot it at home when I left so I hadn't it with me to make some photos on my brothers birthday party :-( (Thankfully I had the xda II with me). Like before with my SonyEricsson T68i this clip-on stuff doesn't works at all. Sometime you have it with you, sometimes not so my future mobile phones will have the camera included by default; otherwise I won't buy it anymore; seriously!
Also most of today's web sites are a real pain! While the Pocket Internet Explorer does a great job in supporting the latest HTML standards it's not a fun at all to surf on regular, for desktops designed pages and I wonder how long it takes that mobile versions are available (I'm not talking about homepages but professional sites). I remember well when we introduced WAP one of the arguments of the content provider was that they don't want to support a "propriety" markup language like WML. Okay, now we have HTML enabled devices but still no support.
Last but not least E-Mail. As good Inbox 2003 works to display received E-Mails (as long as they are not HTML mails) creating an E-Mail on the Pocket PC is painful without 3rd party helpers. I'm using on all my Pocket PCs Spb's Fullscreen Keyboard which makes it much more easier to write texts on PPCs but for writing a longer E-Mail you definitely need an external keyboard like the Pocketop or the Targus foldable keyboard.

Final Conclusion

Being mobile with a Smartphone and Pocket PC Phone Edition definitely works. Even if it works more limited then being mobile with a Notebook the longer stand-by time and lighter luggage are worth at all. However, I'm still waiting for a better E-Mail client which also supports HTML mails (yes, I know @Mail) and a better support of contents for mobile devices or a higher device resolution. Even Palms have higher resolution today and Pocket PC users are still limited to 240 x 320 pixels... :-(

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by deepak on 22.10.03 - 00:31:17

its now 40 hours that i have imate or xda2 with me and i have just realised that i have since the time got it not slept atall.....beyond amazing.

Arne for me the best pleasure i have got of this device is the bluetooth headset support..

with bluetooth on my toshiba tablet pc syncing and surfing vice a versa is now great fun....

pictures and camera is just too cool & fascinating for me and others..

i am with friends and all over but i was feeling complete today the whole day not missing an inch of action...

i am an event manager and for me this small robo of mine was working at full speed....

i must have taken atleast 50 picturs and 15 odd video clips at differnt locations and i realised that i have a lovely story captured to tell or feel good about all my own picture and video diary...

this is the first time i have realised that there have genuises gathered,understood a thousand brains at these forums and then made this phone????computer????laptop????private secretary????video box????

i will now chill with this one for long and wait for apple to give us a 100gb 1/2 inch screen with XDA 2 built in......

i am having a garrage sale tomorrow for all my friends...

on sale is......mitac mio smartphone.......o2 xda......t610........ipaq5450....... samsung cdma...i used for connecting tablet before and for sure along with them will go all the cables....................................i am a happy man

boredom is sin


Posted by roke on 01.11.03 - 00:05:47

For about a year now, I don't need my laptop to take away anymore. However, i always have my SonyEricsson P800, my Orange SPV E-100 (I-mate ROM), my mini DV, my Bluetooth gps module and my pocket pc (iPAQ 5450 with pcmcia sleeve and 2Gb HD) with me.

With this equipment, I can overcome any obstacle without need for a laptop. wink

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