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THOUGHT: Configuring Inbox E-Mail accounts on Pocket PCs and Smartphones
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 11.08.03 - 11:18:09 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 6813x
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Is it just me or am I not the only one? During the past days I had to hard reset my Pocket PCs and Smartphones several times for several reasons (no, this time not because any bugs but because I need fresh devices) and I was going through the configuration hell all the time again.

While one of the strengths of the Windows CE platform "should" be the interaction with Windows for Desktops I always wonder why Microsoft didn't included an auto-config wizard for Outlook and Inbox? At least the most devices comes with an Outlook CD-ROM and most users use ActiveSync to synchronize their device Inbox with Outlook and - that's the important point for me - Outlook gets this E-Mails by using POP3 or IMAP4 accounts (if you are not a corporate Exchange user).
So far so good, Outlook is well configured for POP/IMAP and you can synchronize your mails to your device with a click only. However, specially for wireless enabled devices like Pocket PC Phone Edition and Smartphones it makes sense, most users want to access these mail accounts on the go with their wireless devices also but you have to configure Inbox by hand again :!: I, for instance, have 6 E-Mail accounts which I need to configure on my Pocket PC (not to say that I can select one of these for my Smartphone only) but doing this all and all again with a stylus is more then annoying; it's really frustrating specially because I want to configure that accounts I already have configured on my PC!

Please Microsoft, listen my words now: why isn't it possible to integrate a kind of setup-routine within ActiveSync which simply lets me select which accounts from Outlook should be transferred to Pocket PC to be used with Inbox? This would be more then handy as my system is already configured perfectly and all I want is to transfer this to my mobile devices as well!

Still I wonder if it is only me who think that this kind of configuration is annoying!? What's about you?

Oh yes, as long as we don't have this auto-config wizard I suggest everybody who is in the same dilemma like me to use any remote administration tools like Soft Object Technologies Pocket Controller. This lets you do the configuration at least with your PC keyboard!

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Filip Norrgård on 11.08.03 - 12:40:21

Ditto, Arne! smile

I think _that_ is a must have feature in the new ActiveSync (will it be 4.0?)! If it at all will see the daylight...

Also, I use two Outlook "personal folders" for different email accounts and I would like to choose which one ActiveSync copies to my Pocket PC's Inbox. But that isn't possbile as far as I have found... sad


Posted by Arne Hess on 11.08.03 - 20:04:44

Hehehe... I think that's why I never used ActiveSync Inbox Synchronization... ever... I find it more of a waste of time and I'd rather load up SOTI's PocketController Pro and set up all my email accounts in my PPC... and yes! I do have my complete email in my PPC... from several accounts as well including Hotmail (with the use of's PocketHotmail 2.2... which I heard he is planning to port to the WM2003 platform as well).

BTW, I have been using the Microsoft Pocket PC Connection Wizard on my PC to set up my dial up accounts (and network accounts) using my PC... and all that is needed is an updated version of it that would include Inbox Management as well.

Mabuhay! ~ Carlo

Posted by Othman on 03.01.04 - 09:45:15


i guess they got Windows Mobile 2003 Patch for version 2.2 and version 2.5 will be reases soon



Posted by FaisalGhori on 10.03.04 - 06:50:01

Im having the same problem is there anyway I can use both accounts on my pocet pc using activesync?

Posted by mados on 20.03.04 - 04:30:54

Just came accross Remote Display (free) by MS so you can use you computer to control (keyboard, mouse click) the dispay of you pocket pc.- No More Stylus at Home!

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