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THOUGHT: Does your PC has feelings?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 04.05.04 - 21:19:36 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 6530x
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At least my PC seems to have it... While I was publicly ranting and thinking about a new Windows Media Edition today, my main PC (I used to write the previous 2 articles) died! :cry:
But not the PC itself died, no it's more perfidy... The PC decided to kill the "My Documents" hard drive which includes more or less all documents, photos, the complete web site (which is mirrored here on the web server -makes sense, eh?), my PST files for Outlook, my downloads - so more or less everything which isn't a program... 8O This little bastard... ;-) Okay, my PC has feelings - do you hear it HP - my HP Pavilion Desktop PC has feelings but I have feeling too... Argh... :x

Thanks to Carlo right now I'm in the recovering phase which means I scan the faulty hard drive (which is - according to the fresh Windows XP setup - empty and not formatted) and "GetDataBack" already founds 8997 files and a lot of bad sectors... :-(

Seems I have to buy a copy of GetDataBack tomorrow because the free version only scans your HDD but doesn't recover the found files... What a bad evening... But thankfully I have a copy of the most important files (including my Outlook PST) on the Sony Notebook I'm currently using to write this article...

"Oh my dear Sony Notebook: have I told you today how much I love you, that I can't live without you!?" (Just to make sure he isn't cracking up also now - haven't told him that for a long time... ;-) )

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Filip Norrgård on 05.05.04 - 08:51:44

Too bad that the HDD decided to the "dark side". sad

What type is the HDD that went bye, bye? I know that some harddrives are worse than others, like IBM's HDDs. According to other people on the net, the IBM HDDs get too hot, are too loud and can sponaniously terminate their work license... :?

Well, I'm holding my fingers crossed for you! wink

Posted by JaToAc on 05.05.04 - 10:16:04

my last two pc's died too (thank goodness, the second one was a used one)...

not only that the mainboard and processor decided to kill themselves, they also taken along the ram. harddrive and graficcard. talking about suicide here wink

and only because i was dreaming of a nice notebook, that i now bought... damn, i shouldn't have talked about the notebook in front of the pc wink

Posted by jimski on 08.05.04 - 08:02:00

Never, never do research for a new PC, using the PC that is scheduled for...termination! You better believe they have feelings.

Posted by Helio Diamant on 08.05.04 - 09:10:00

Oh, the more I am in this market (and I am in it already for 25 years), the more I get convinced that "computers do have souls".

I've got the last example just two weeks ago. I was in a business trip in Korea and received, on Wednesday, an email from my office saying "your new notebook has arrived". On Thursday, my old notebook (the one that I used to receive that message) decided to give up and nothing but main basic functionality (windows startup and Internet Explorer) was working anymore.

Well, can you discuss with that?

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