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THOUGHT: First speed trapped, than caught with the the mobile phone
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 04.10.04 - 20:42:19 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 7173x
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Hmmm... :roll: How often can you be caught by the police the same day?
This morning, when I drove through Munich, I drove into a speed trap. It was one of them you haven't seen before because they 'shot' you with the laser gun.
I wouldn't say I was too fast if you know the "Verdi Strasse" in Munich but well, fast enough that I have to pay around 50 Euro and I will get one point in "Flensburg" (Germans know what I mean). That's what I call a bad start into the day... :x

Okay, the day itself wasn't that bad anyway - nothing dramatically at all - I even would say it was a good one and a surprising one (see my next posting) ;-) and when I drove home this evening, I called my girlfriend to tell her what happened in the morning. You will not believe what happened on the same road, near the same place where I became "speed trapped" before - behind me I got a blue police light with the request to stop immediately. :roll:
Yes, they've caught me while I was using my Smartphone without a handsfree kit. Argh... :x

But - and now comes the but in this story - when I told the police officers that sometimes it's too much to see them - at least two times a day is definitely too much (and after I've explained the reason why it is too much) - they gave me clemency, without paying a second time and getting another point in "Flensburg"! :roll:

Therefore I want to thank for the clemency, really appreciated that the officers had sympathy for the day and yes - I will do something good here as well:

  • Don't drink and drive (friends of my family just became victims; someone ran 3 of 5 family members over - all 3 dead)
  • Don't drive too fast (see above)
  • Don't use your mobile phone without a headset or handsfree unit (I will buy a new one soon - I swear)

So how bad was your day? :|

Cheers ~ Arne