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THOUGHT: Google's Nexus One rose like a Phoenix - Coincidence or brilliant Viral Marketing?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 17.12.09 - 10:04:06 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 13680x
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You really have to wonder how all the Google/HTC Nexus One info rose like a phoenix! Last week at the same time, nobody outside Google and/or HTC knew anything about a so called Nexus One Android smartphone which isn't just another Android smartphone but the first to sport Android 2.1/Flan and furthermore expected to be directly distributed by Google. Everything started with a couple of tweets last Friday, followed by a very quick blog response on Google's Mobile Blog. Than, if you thought you knew everything, the first blurry photos appeared on the web - "accidentally" posted on Google's very own Picasa service - and it doesn't took too long that the first videos appeared on Google's very own YouTube service as well.

Finally - you might have thought - all beans were spilled but no, straight after the FCC confirmed the existence of a Google Nexus One, the United States Patent and Trademark Office unveiled that Google wants to trademark Nexus One for a mobile device and, that's still not all, yesterday the GCF continued the information-flow by certifying the HTC Nexus One and confirmed some of the previously unveiled specs again. And if this wasn't enough - the first Android 2.1 firmware-port is also already available - showing the whole beauty of Android 2.1/Flan.

At the end of the day I have my doubts that this can't be a coincidence at all!
Either Google was aware that the FCC, the USPTO and the GCF were ready to unveil the info anyway and therefore jumped into the lead by showing-off the Nexus One at the all-hands meeting with the knowledge and risk that this info will make it to Twitter sooner or later anyway. Or Google's marketing department is quite smart by planning this in advance to make sure the blogsphere as well as mainstream media like and even the New York Times, will receive its dose of daily leaks to create a buzz aka creating a pretty clever viral marketing campaign at no costs.
As far as I can oversee it, in 2009 no other topic has kept tech bloggers and journalists that busy as the Nexus One and I can hardly believe that it is a coincidence at all.

Cheers ~ Arne


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