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THOUGHT: Have you ever lost a Bluetooth enabled accessory?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 20.01.04 - 16:23:06 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 6631x
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There is an interesting thread in the PPCW.Net Forum, about loosing Bluetooth enabled accessories like headsets, GPS receiver or even the Bluetooth enabled phone itself:

"Errr Here is an awkward question...
I dunno how to say but, eerrrr, ummh,

i happen to lose phones :-) i used to have a p800 which i had forgotten on breakfast table at a hotel. (which i remembered after lunch :)))

I am buying an MDA 2, but i don't want to lose this one now. So is there any software which starts BT headset and the phone itself to ring when it is out of the PAN (10 mt range network) coverage?"

Basically it's a pretty good question and also "lvermont" confirmed this problem (but not with a Bluetooth phone but accessorily):

"Actually, I nearly left the TomTom BT receiver in a rental car at the airport. Luckily I remembered and went back in time."

It seems to be the price we have to pay now for our wireless freedom! Loosing the items which were previously wired and connected (I also lost my Bluetooth headset a while back) and "fevzinet" asked the simple question:

"Is it hard for someone to write a program which will check the connection of a BT device (headset, gps, laptop, computer...) and if not connected it will start ringing the phone?"

So what's your experience with loosing Bluetooth accessories and if you are a developer - what do you think about that kind of software? IMHO a nice idea but no idea if anyone can realize it or if it makes sense at all.
Join the thread and share your experiences and thoughts!

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Steven -fyiguy- Hughes on 21.01.04 - 19:33:43

I have had my Jabra BT headset pop out of its holster while wearing it on my belt while at CTIA/Pocket PC Summit in Vegas, luckily I was able to retrace my steps back to the conference room where it sat underneath the chair I was sitting in.

I don't use that holder anymore, adn just wear it or through it into a deep pocket...

All my other BT devices are held close to the to speak...

Posted by Shozen on 22.01.04 - 00:44:28

Now heres a good question.

if you wear a BT head set all the time won't that fry your brains???

i always thought it might be harmful

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