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THOUGHT: How do you return to the Home screen on your Windows Mobile phone?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 11.01.06 - 19:43:10 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 12198x
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Following my earlier thought about how many ways we have to open a contact on a Smartphone, I have another thought about Smartphone navigation I brought-up during a break out session at Möbius conference last month. It's about how you (if you are a Windows Mobile Smartphone user) return to the Home screen.
All Microsoft Windows Mobile Smartphones have the "Home"-button (the one with the house icon) as a key requirement and if you press this button, you jump back to the Home screen, doesn't matter where you are:

That's okay but quite frankly - for me it is useless and another waste of space since I use almost every time the red phone button to do the same (which I used to do from my previous non-Microsoft phones as well, the red phone button was and is a kind of "Escape"-button).

For me, a "Start"-button would do a better job, since such a button would allow me to open the menu, doesn't matter where I'm to start another application.
Interesting enough, the first Microsoft Stinger reference platform (the very early devices I saw the first time back in 2000 in Redmond) had exactly this "Windows" key instead of the Home key:

I know, there is one scenario where a Home-button might makes more sense, instead of using the red hang-up button: if you are in a call and you want to jump to the Home screen but how often do you do this? I do it rarely only and this could be done through a the menu also.

Maybe I'm alone with my thought but how do you use the hang-up button and do you use the Home button or is it as worthless for you too as it is for me?

Cheers ~ Arne

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