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THOUGHT: How dumb can a brand-new anti virus software from Symantec be?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 14.12.04 - 00:11:01 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 9332x
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This bothers me for some time already, therefore I want to warn potential buyers. Some weeks ago, I thought it's a good idea to upgrade my previous anti-virus software from Norton InternetSecurity to Norton AntiVirus 2005 because I receive more and more virus-infected E-Mails (thanks to my public E-Mail address - also on PPCW.Net). When I bought AntiVirus 2005, I've decided to exclude the Firewall option because I'm behind a firewall enabled router and because I'm using Windows XP Service Pack 2 (yes, I still believe into the proper functionality of Microsoft products ;-)).

Some years ago, I've upgraded from McAfee to Norton because I had serious ActiveSync problem with McAfee, something I never had after with Norton.

Anyway - now this US$ 49.95 software, designed to protect my PC, my data and therefore me turns out to be a pain and bugs me - more or less - every day for the following reason:

Doesn't matter what I install, even if it is a simple driver, if I start any Microsoft Office application the error above pops up, also if I turn on my PC I get the message above. Can't be true! 8O Every time I install something - which happens pretty often on my PC - as you can imagine - AntiVirus 2005 isn't able to handle it but I have to uninstall, reinstall and update a 25 MB software package.

Come on Symantec, that's a lousy implementation and you haven't warned me about this fact on your site nor you do right now. Therefore I'm going to warn my visitors. This software - as much as it might protect me from viruses and worms - isn't worth the money if you have to install the one or the other application regularly on your PC!

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Filip Norrgård on 14.12.04 - 09:36:26

".. does not support the Repair feature, please uninstall and reinstall" Hmph, talk about bad programming from a corporation as Norton... :roll:

Well, this year I switched from Norton Systemworks to F-Secure Internet Security 2004 and it seems to be working much better on automatically downloading definitions than Norton for me. One of the other interesting things that FIS had me noticing is how often port scans have occured. Luckily, it knows how to deny access to the port scanners. wink

Posted by Arne Hess on 14.12.04 - 09:47:20

[1] What I wonder is if all software, released today must be Beta? Before we had the Internet and the "easy update/bug fix" functionality software had to be stable because updates were provided by BBS only - "nobody" used. Today companies seems to think that they can release a Beta, invoice you the full price, await the user feedback and fix it - based on the reports.
That's a rip-off but as long as Symantec get this "we don't support repair" fixed I'm "happy" but if they don't fix it for version 2005 it was the last virus scanner I bought from them ever! :twisted:

Posted by JaToAc on 14.12.04 - 13:23:50

thanks for the info... :!: i just wanted to buy it today... seems i have to give another program a chance smile

Posted by Whtrbt7 on 14.12.04 - 19:43:09

Use Symantec Enterprise Antivirus v9 instead.  The commercial versions of their antiviral software have too much piracy protection leading to all sorts of problems.  You should also use a firewall appliance to lock off ports.  Software firewalls are vulnerable to lots of changes.

Posted by zatsmee76 on 17.12.04 - 11:41:37

I do agree with all of you about ripping of money, collecting crash reports and bugs from customer and then updating the device. I am a fan of software testing. I installed NAV2005, the trial 15 days edition, and used it at my work desktop PC which carries over 40 different software. I didnt come across such an error. The problem is either software (compatibility issues with other installed software) or hardware (hardware compatibility, hardware drivers not recognized, or not tested). I suggest you simply send a bug report to symantec (maybe they have it automated on their website).

Hey, I hate money rippers, but I give them some credits to show sign of good faith.

Posted by zatsmee76 on 17.12.04 - 11:48:03

BTW, for norton products, please dont trust add/remove feature: You can NOT uninstall and resinstall a norton product unless you perform registry cleanup first. So unstinall it, run "regedit", search for ANYTHING that says symantec, or norton and delete the entire key. Dont worry I do that all the time. Then restart and continue ur installation.

Also for Arne, there is a feature in options of NAV then miscellaneous, its called enable office plugins. Just remove it, restart the PC and see if it works. If not keep it unchecked before you uninstall. This is because office will perform API call for nav, and this might cause errors if nav is removed. Good luck

Posted by Jim Szymanski on 19.12.04 - 07:22:10

I spent three hours on this error message one night after installing System Works 2005 on my nephew's PC. Uninstalled/reinstalled twice, removed MS Office (as I thought that was the problem). At 3:00am I finally went to the Norton Knowledge Base and discoverd that this probelm wat the #1 hit for "Repair feature". Turns out I moved Norton Utilities link from the "Programs" tree on the Start menu into my own folder I call "Utilities". Moved the link back where it started and the error message went away.

My question is, Norton downloads updates and makes changes to my machines nearly every day. If they know this is a problem, couldn't they download a patch or at least tell me why it's happening and not have me spend hours on the problem and go searching their database for a solution. Yes, I was a bit dissapointed.

Posted by Neil Bell on 07.03.05 - 09:33:44

[7] Fantastic, thanks Jim. Just happens that I did exactly the same thing. Trying to organise my Programs start menu and created a "Utilities" Folder. Didn't even realise that programs would need o know where they were in the start menu list since that has no change on where they actually are on the HD.

Shame norton is so convenient, it has some terrible problems, mostly due to uninstalling. My father had terrible trouble after trying to update to a Norton Internet Security from antivirus 2004. No messages to uninstall the original but it turns out Norton are so stupid as to use exactly the same folder names within different products. You'd think they might anticipate loyal customers and allow for updating products but apparently not.

Posted by sergei on 26.04.05 - 07:28:43

does anyone know where i could donwnload a zipfile with all the necessary shortcuts? i just couldn't be bothered to "unistall and reinstall" smile

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