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THOUGHT: How dumb can a brand-new anti virus software from Symantec be?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 14.12.04 - 00:11:01 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 9758x
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This bothers me for some time already, therefore I want to warn potential buyers. Some weeks ago, I thought it's a good idea to upgrade my previous anti-virus software from Norton InternetSecurity to Norton AntiVirus 2005 because I receive more and more virus-infected E-Mails (thanks to my public E-Mail address - also on PPCW.Net). When I bought AntiVirus 2005, I've decided to exclude the Firewall option because I'm behind a firewall enabled router and because I'm using Windows XP Service Pack 2 (yes, I still believe into the proper functionality of Microsoft products ;-)).

Some years ago, I've upgraded from McAfee to Norton because I had serious ActiveSync problem with McAfee, something I never had after with Norton.

Anyway - now this US$ 49.95 software, designed to protect my PC, my data and therefore me turns out to be a pain and bugs me - more or less - every day for the following reason:

Doesn't matter what I install, even if it is a simple driver, if I start any Microsoft Office application the error above pops up, also if I turn on my PC I get the message above. Can't be true! 8O Every time I install something - which happens pretty often on my PC - as you can imagine - AntiVirus 2005 isn't able to handle it but I have to uninstall, reinstall and update a 25 MB software package.

Come on Symantec, that's a lousy implementation and you haven't warned me about this fact on your site nor you do right now. Therefore I'm going to warn my visitors. This software - as much as it might protect me from viruses and worms - isn't worth the money if you have to install the one or the other application regularly on your PC!

Cheers ~ Arne