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THOUGHT: How lost do you feel without your mobile device/phone?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 22.01.05 - 15:48:12 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 8225x
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It happens from time to time, you are in hurry in the morning and you leave your home but also leaving either your wallet or your Pocket PC (Phone Edition) or mobile phone. If this happens to me, I feel completely naked. It's less a problem if I leave my wallet at home but it becomes a serious problem if I leave my Smartphone. You can always borrow money from friends or co-workers but how to borrow personal communication facilities?
Therefore, everything < 20 minutes I return to pick-up my Smartphone something never happened if i forgot my wallet (at home - for sure not at a restaurant or other public places).

Also it's interesting how communication behaviors changed: in my youth I knew all phone numbers of my friend and my family, okay - I had to remember one number per person/family only. Today I have to keep office numbers, mobile phone numbers and E-Mail addresses in mind which I haven't in mind anymore but stored in Outlook. Therefore, if I forget my Pocket PC (Phone Edition) and/or Smartphone I don't have any phone numbers with me anymore (except the emergency number which is 3 digits only and hasn't changed for centuries I think).

This week, a colleague forgot his mobile phone and he was completely lost. He hadn't had my mobile phone number and he remembered my office number because it is similar to his number only. In the evening he planned to meet a friend but as said before - communication behaviors changed. Some years ago you agreed on an appointment including time and place. Today it's typical to make an appointment for an evening and to agree to have a phone call later the day to decide where and when to meet.
My colleague doesn't had the phone numbers of his friend in mind and therefore he wasn't able to meet him because he hadn't had a time or a place.

How much do you miss your mobile phone if you forgot it at home and do you return also to pick it up while you don't return to pick up your wallet?

By the way: this is another reason why I enjoy my Bluetooth car kit more and more. It indicates if a mobile phone is connected and therefore it's a good reminder for me in case I have left my Smartphone on the table! :-)

Cheers ~ Arne


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