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THOUGHT: How lost do you feel without your mobile device/phone?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 22.01.05 - 15:48:12 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 7692x
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It happens from time to time, you are in hurry in the morning and you leave your home but also leaving either your wallet or your Pocket PC (Phone Edition) or mobile phone. If this happens to me, I feel completely naked. It's less a problem if I leave my wallet at home but it becomes a serious problem if I leave my Smartphone. You can always borrow money from friends or co-workers but how to borrow personal communication facilities?
Therefore, everything < 20 minutes I return to pick-up my Smartphone something never happened if i forgot my wallet (at home - for sure not at a restaurant or other public places).

Also it's interesting how communication behaviors changed: in my youth I knew all phone numbers of my friend and my family, okay - I had to remember one number per person/family only. Today I have to keep office numbers, mobile phone numbers and E-Mail addresses in mind which I haven't in mind anymore but stored in Outlook. Therefore, if I forget my Pocket PC (Phone Edition) and/or Smartphone I don't have any phone numbers with me anymore (except the emergency number which is 3 digits only and hasn't changed for centuries I think).

This week, a colleague forgot his mobile phone and he was completely lost. He hadn't had my mobile phone number and he remembered my office number because it is similar to his number only. In the evening he planned to meet a friend but as said before - communication behaviors changed. Some years ago you agreed on an appointment including time and place. Today it's typical to make an appointment for an evening and to agree to have a phone call later the day to decide where and when to meet.
My colleague doesn't had the phone numbers of his friend in mind and therefore he wasn't able to meet him because he hadn't had a time or a place.

How much do you miss your mobile phone if you forgot it at home and do you return also to pick it up while you don't return to pick up your wallet?

By the way: this is another reason why I enjoy my Bluetooth car kit more and more. It indicates if a mobile phone is connected and therefore it's a good reminder for me in case I have left my Smartphone on the table! :-)

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Frank on 22.01.05 - 23:17:21

Arne, I absolutely understand what you're saying. Gee, when I was younger I knew hundretds of telephone numbers by heart and I also remembered all my appointments because I was completely useless with a paper diary... and now: everything is in my XDA II and without it I would be entirely lost.
So what did it do to me? It helped me to be more disciplined when it comes to contacts, calendar and tasks. And it also left me forgetting to train my brains to keep things in there. It's a bit like watching school kids: they can't calculate 6 x 8 anymore, because their calculators do it, but they probably don't even realize that they're missing out on something.  :idea:
Or is it just that Alzheimers is growing stronger in me and the XDA II was just invented in time  :wink:

Posted by Scott on 23.01.05 - 08:30:07

Wow Arne, great topic! I agree as well.  My T-Mobile PPCPE is getting close to dying and I am sweating just waiting for news on the XDAIIi (or i-mate equivalent) you mentioned a few months back.  I could do the PDA2k but like the i-mate (XDAII) form factor better and don't need the keyboard.
It's a sad thing to admit we need to rely on something so much, and the scary thing is they are getting better every month!  I used to be addicted to Post-it notes because I don't remember things very well, but these devices are truly incredible what they can do.
Thanks for a great site Arne &amp; keep up the good work!

Southern California

Posted by Krishna Kumar on 24.01.05 - 18:34:09

Arne, awesome thoughts topic!

I can totally relate to it. There are times when at work I have put my Smartphone on my desk and walked away, and gotten trapped in a water-cooler or aisle conversation. And without my Smartphone on my belt, I have ended up being late for meetings. :-(

That is why I nowadays rarely forget the Smartphone. It definitely gets more importance than my wallet. The only real good reason for me carrying my wallet when I leave the house is that my driver's license is in my wallet. ;-) Other than that I don't think I value anything in it more than my Smartphone.

And Scott, I feel the same way too, my would-be and my family knows that I cannot survive a day without my Smartphone. Pretty soon it will have to start reminding me that it time to eat. Sad.....

Posted by windmilltilting on 25.04.05 - 08:34:09

I had an ipaq 4155, which I sold for the 2755.  When I got the 2755, it wasn't right, and had to go back to HP.  I was lost, dazed and confused for a week.  I have a very complex life with no fixed schedule from day to day or week to week...  I cannot plan or move without it.  I have decided to make my next phone a treo or the new HP 6500, so if this does happen again I will still be able to function.  Sort of a backup.

Posted by MadTxn on 25.04.05 - 22:52:44

Well, I have a superstition about leaving my phone.  The one time (ever) I went out without it, I broke my collarbone, so I never leave home without itâ„¢.  As for my PDA, I usually *do* travel without it, except to work.  But I usually regret not having it.

Posted by spunkkat on 26.04.05 - 01:08:57

I travel alot & am always calling 911 for who need help on the road, so I view it as a almost physical need... Plus I call & get calls @ all times of the day & nite-plus I do not have one of those things that have a wire that goes into the wall & has a really old ring sound?!?...

Posted by rilpop on 27.04.05 - 10:37:55

I feel totally naked without my device.  My wife teases me about it because it goes with me wherever I go.  Even whatever ROOM I go into.  It's a sickness, really.  Oh well...I could have worse habits! wink

Posted by peebee on 27.04.05 - 12:00:03

I am a real gadget freak, but said that I am also very keen on my privacy. I don't care when I am not available on the phone. But you always keep getting curious whether you are called or not and by who. My PPC is much more a gimmick I can't stand missing. As a programmer I often have ideas and theories which I need to test, and when my PPC is not near I get nervous. Just moved into a new house and I have lost the thing for a few weeks, because it was burried in a box by someone. It generated a small panic, because I wanted to test some theories and create somethings. But thank you lord, it has been returned smile

Do I feel naked ? No. Do I feel like something is missing? Hell yeah!

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