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THOUGHT: How much is Bluetooth a standard - if...
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 12.12.03 - 18:42:59 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 11725x
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companies like Sony do their own stuff just to protect their product range? As you remember I bought a new Notebook which also includes Bluetooth now. One reason to buy a Notebook with Bluetooth was - for sure - to use Bluetooth with other devices (at least that's what Bluetooth was created for - isn't it Mr. Sony ;-))
While my Notebook works as a beauty to make a GPRS dial-up connection through my PPCW.Net i-Mate Smartphone2 (aka Orange SPV E200/HTC Voyager) this Bluetooth Sony software on the Notebook doesn't want to work as a serial connection with ActiveSync. While I first thought I'm to dumb, a Google search offered me some hints and the most important result is I'm not alone - as I found out at Geekzone:

Cal: Trying to use bluetooth to Activesync an iPAQ H3970 with Sony's latest Bluespace NE software on a Vaio but Activesync (3.7.1) refuses to recognize the iPAQ. Vaio recognizes the iPAQ and vice versa but Activesync (on PC) insits it cannot connect as the device is not recognized. Virtual serial port on Vaio is COM 4 -- set iPAQ to use this in Bluetooth Manager Actions menu and always use iPAQ to instigate connection. Followed all instructions in the articles on this site. Still exasperated. Any suggestions ? Sony-link helpline totally useless.

rohitash: I'm facing the same problem with an iPaq 2215 and a Sony Via Z1-RA laptop with a Sony PCGA-BA1/A USB Bluetooth adapter running Bluespace NE. I've spent a lot of hours with the Sony support people but no resolution. Spent some time with HP support too. The online support technician could not resolve the issue and the phone support person said that since the software warranty had expired they could not help - even though he acknowledged that it seemed like an Activesync problem.

I read a suggestion somewhere that Sony's older Bluespace software might work better - but I cannot seem to find that for download anywhere. The Sony support technician could not find it on their internal site either.

And now the answer from Flipper Dolphin:

Nope. I saw this on the Vaio support site yesterday which should answer this thread - although not very satisfactorily!

Solution 22367

Description: BlueSpace NE does not synchronise with ActiveSync and Pocket PC.

Solution: The VCOMM driver (a virtual serial port) used by BlueSpace NE only guarantees a bluetooth connection with CLIE and HotSync and the establishment of a modem station. A connection with PocketPC is not guaranteed.

Woohoo... 8O Sony did it again and annoyed me! Pardon Sony but what the hell you mean with "A connection with PocketPC is not guaranteed"? In fact it means a connection to a serial device which isn't from Sony isn't guaranteed since you found both - my Smartphone and my Pocket PC and you can even do what my Pocket PC can't do - dialing a GPRS connection via Bluetooth using the Smartphone but you are not able to provide a simple serial connection? No, you are even better - you don't find the serial profile on my Pocket PCs and Smartphones! Sorry Sony but this is lame :evil: and finally a good reason not to buy any PC products anymore from you! As good you are in the Entertainment area, your IT behavior isn't acceptable at all!
First you've removed the IrDA ports on your old Notebooks - just before you insert Bluetooth instead and now - if your Notebooks includes Bluetooth you implemented it that way? For what - to annoy your customer or to protect your Clié PDA line? If you need that to protect your PDA products you might should rethink your mobile product portfolio anyhow!

I'm really considering to give the Notebook back to Sony (according to the German law I have a 14 days return guarantee for Internet shopping! :evil: :P) where I bought it from! It's not Bluetooth but anything propriety working on 2.4 GHz! :-(

Honestly - as much I enjoy that Notebook for all the other features it's hardly acceptable that I still have to carry cables with me to get my mobiles devices synchronized!

UPDATE 15.09.04: I got it finally working, but not with Sony's BlusSpace NE but with Microsoft's Service Pack 2. See here for more information.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Abed Husseini on 12.12.03 - 19:18:23

I have had several bluetooth devices, and they all seem to share one of 3 chipsets.  The advantage was that I would use the drivers and software provided by another manufacturer for the benefits they provided (better usability, easy setup, etc...) with the hardware.  All that was needed was the modification for the inf file by including the hardwares HEX values in it.  You should check to see what the bluetooth chipset is that Sony uses and find a different set of drivers/software.  This is not an excuse for Sony, but you may still be able to keep your Sony with all its benefits as well as have the bluetooth connection you want!


Posted by Arne Hess on 13.12.03 - 21:49:18

Bluetooth standard???

What Bluetooth standard???

Well, at least with Pocket PCs they've a lot have finally settled for one standard... now the thing is to get the PCs to support a similar standard.

Mabuhay! ~ Carlo

Posted by Troy on 15.12.03 - 09:28:33

Sony sucks! I also own a Vaio, ran into the same problems and no solution. :-( If you found a workaround please let us know!

Posted by deepak on 17.12.03 - 10:35:47

Same problem...I bought a Z1 bcause it had wireless lan and bluetooth both in it...Have been struggling with all kind of searched solutions..have visited all the forums....After all this i just realised that sony guys are mean bastards and need to be brought in a ring of all IT guys and stoned to death...

i have written a big news article for a leading newspaper in india asking everyone to ban stupid & selfish sony products.

Imagine my frustration ...I buy a Z1 from a retailer here...try registering it to update the bluespace ne software and here starts my problem....THe link on my support page takes me to a jappenese site which i dont understand atall...then i go to other sony sites who again push me to the same jappenese one..I have never seen any company so bullish that just to use a support u have to enter your maschine no...then your id...then they will let u log on to 3 lined forum and then if u press a link up in a jappenese area a forum some one suggested that i download the jappenese version of Bluespace NE as it has been updated ...i do that and today i have a ???????:::::""""">.>>>>> software version of BLueSpace NE loaded which does nothing....

Can u believe it guys ...that i have now a socket bluetooth cf card inserted in my Z1 to log on to activesync.....

if someone really can work around ...nothing like it ...but someone if can find the sony dude who thought of this hotsyncing with clie please let me know his name and numbers and i will fly down..visit him...and s***t him...and then go to jail with my imate



Posted by canismajor on 18.12.03 - 21:15:50

Excuse me id someone has already pointed this out, but the problem here is not with Sony, but Microsoft.

To the best of my knowledge, MS has yet to release a set of stndard API's or a developer's kit for integrating Bluetooth into Win XP.

At some level MS is responsible for at least providning the tools to allow the creaton of a consistent Bluetooth implementation across the Win XP platform.

Lacking these tools, if the onus is placed on the developers to create their own implementation who can blame them if they cannot guarantee compatibility with other mfg's products (especicially those from MS in the first place)?

Just my take ...

Posted by Arne Hess on 18.12.03 - 21:24:08

@canismajor: Hmmm... And why I can connect to ActiveSync using other Bluetooth cards and dongles with the same Windows XP, yes even on the same device - the Sony Vaio Notebook which rejects to communicate with its built-in Bluetooth radio?

Maybe MS could do a better job but also Sony can do a better job! Why they are able to support Cliés but not Pocket PCs? Why are Pocket PCs supported if I use an Acer Bluetooth dongle with this Notebook?

It's not a question of the OS only but also a question of willingness - Sony's willingness!

Posted by Peter Brain on 19.12.03 - 12:15:41

A slightly different but related question.

I have tried to use my mobile phone with a Vaio PCG-C1MHP.

It knows the phone is there but refuses to set up a dial connection, insisting on trying to connect through the internal modem.

Do I have to fiddle with the COM ports?

Not being very technical I would value advice or a pointer to some help.

Peter Brain

Manchester, UK

Posted by David G on 20.12.03 - 09:01:47

I am still trying to connect my Sony TRV80 Handycam to my bluetooth USB adapter.

I have tried different PCs as well. No luck. My camera can connect to a cellphone and the computer can also connect to a cellphone, but not camera to computer.

How standard is Bluetooth anyway???

Posted by Sharon Daniel - Israel on 21.12.03 - 21:29:33

What’s the news here? i m using the Sony vaio for many many years, but i found out that they are ALWAYS have to remove something to you being crazy. For instance:

Why for god sack they have only 16 mb for the screen!!!!??????? Its crazy !!! you are not able to see ANY movie on it !!! Than now i m not surprised from the BAD NEWS about the Bluetooth !

Posted by Simon Jones on 24.12.03 - 16:17:07

I have the same Vaio, It wouldn't connect to the serial port of my Fortuna BT GPS. I was therefore forced to upgrade to the Japanese version ( from it now works, although I can't understand a word on the app. Haven't tried BT Activesync - too slow for me - I prefer WLAN or USB.

Posted by Arne Hess on 16.01.04 - 13:46:19

@Simon Jones: It's now available in localized versions also and even newer (just installed Even if it doesn't helps me with my Pocket PC and Smartphone issues (so far) it seems to support the HID profile now (for keyboard and mouse) as well as a smart connection wizard which includes a "HotSync with Clie" but no "ActiveSync with Windows Mobile". :-(

Anyway, you should check out for an update!

Posted by Shakti Saran on 23.01.04 - 22:48:13

I wiped out my hard drive before making the Recovery CDs. Now, I'm unable to download the Bluespace NE software from sony website as it isn't there! So, where can I find it guys? I really think that Sony's service sector is not keeping up with it's electronic sector. Eventually, IBMs and Dells will take it out with superior 3rd party devices integration and services.



Posted by Lucas Menke on 25.01.04 - 14:39:49

Hallo to everybody

I have an SONY Vaio Z1 too, and I have nochance to synchronize the sony P800 phone  over bluetooth even the cable synchronisation some times work somtimes does not work many specialist have tried to get it working with the P800 software as well as with the P900 software .......Now I bought a Nokia 6600 and it does not wor k as well ............No synchronisation over bluetooth..........##

Who as an idea to resolve this against 6 botles of wine if sucessful..........  SONY Deakers have no clou........

Posted by Tom Stryker on 27.01.04 - 06:43:39

I live in the U.S. and have a PCG Z1VA and have the problem of Bluetooth not connecting to my Nokia 3650.  Do you think your Bluespace update will work on my computer and if yes can you send a copy to me as I cannot log on to the site.  It keeps bombing on me.

Sony sure screwed up on this one.



Posted by spill on 05.02.04 - 19:57:35

I also have a TRV-80 that cannot seem to connect to anything Bluetooth other than another Sony product (a T-616 mobile in this case).  2 USB adapters that I've tried on my notebook cannot connect to the camcorder.

Does anyone know of a (preferably) USB adapter that will play nicely with the TRV-80?

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