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THOUGHT: I'm finally ready for (Mobile) Multimedia - I think
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 28.02.05 - 10:17:42 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 10287x
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Okay, finally I think I have all the tools and gadgets together now to start my (mobile) multimedia experience (latest on CeBIT).
First I need a Media PC and I think I really found it (finally). If you are a frequent reader of PPCW.Net you know I'm searching for the right one for a quite a long time but German online magazine last week revealed information about Shuttles latest project: the "XPC MCE-01" which looks like I can/will place it into the living room:

According to, Shuttle will release the XPC MCE-01 at CeBIT next month.

Okay - a Media Center PC is the heart of all and the MCE above looks like it will fulfill my needs - together with Microsoft's Windows Media Center Edition 2005 (which I need to get the full Portable Media Center experience). In addition we will get DVB-T this spring in Munich and I've already "played" with it in Frankfurt where it was launched last fall. Pretty amazing what you can do today via a simple (digital) antenna.

Next are my mobile devices: my Pocket PCs (with WiFi - for sure) as well as my Portable Media Center (Creative Zen) and for sure my Apple iPod gives me the perfect offline access to all/most of my media files while on the go.

However, the recently covered service, provided by Orb gives me the flexibility to access my contents online as well and now it becomes even more interesting since my DSL provider (QSC) is going to launch a new premium high-speed DSL product range: Q-DSL home 1536 and Q-DSL home 2560. The clou is you can change the upstream/downstream availability once a day (for free):

Q-DSL home 1536 downstream/upstream:

  • 1024/512 kbit/s
  • 768/768 kbit/s
  • 512/1024 kbit/s

Q-DSL home 2560 downstream/upstream:

  • 2048/512 kbit/s
  • 1536/1024 kbit/s
  • 512/2048 kbit/s

I think I will opt-in for Q-DSL home 2560 (for a maximum flat fee of 89 Euro per month) with a standard rate of 1536/1024 kbit/s. However, if I'm away from home, like for vacation or a business trips, I can change the upload speed to 2048 kbit/s which will provide enough bandwidth for serious video and audio streaming - from my home PC via Orb to my WiFi equipped Pocket PC or Notebook (I wouldn't use UMTS that much today, thanks to the prohibitive charges). :-D

Yes, finally I'm close to reach one of my mobile data targets - to access my data with any device, anytime, everywhere! The net isn't the computer anymore but my PC is the heard of all. However - the net provides me access to my data - wherever I'm!
I really appreciate the options, technology gives us today. Now it's up to smart companies to package these options to provide a "out of the box" experience for less geeky users. ;-)

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by nojetlag on 28.02.05 - 14:17:39

Arne, do you have any info if the device is fanless ? Shuttle makes strange decisions by offering DVB-T and FM, why not DVB-T and DAB. One step forward, 2 steps back sad

Posted by Steven Hughes on 02.03.05 - 16:49:18

[1] No, it does have the standard "newer" heat pipe configuration used in their newer cases. Shuttle doesn't plan on selling the case seperately for "do it yourselfers", but to sell it as a Media Center. They had them at CES, the case looked OK, but I am not sure about fan noise since it was on a convention floor.
I am hoping they won't have the problems like HP did with their VFD(Vacuum Fluorescent Display) even with their new recent patches they are still having problems. Alienware has had problems with theirs as well. Hopefully Shuttle's quality will come through with this product. It is a P4 based system, but in talking to them they are contemplating an AMD 64 version in the future.

Rumor has it that HD based systems will be released later this year maybe this Spring or Fall based on the the newer video capture cards that have IFC certification.

The most silent XPMCE I have seen, I mean heard are the ones using Zalman cooling solutions like Niveus and Hush, but these are geared towards "high-end" A/V users.

Posted by XzaniX on 25.04.05 - 14:48:39

I like this one too. I agree about the noise... I'm also wondering how quiet this unit will be. Looking for a while to get such a device in my living room. I've seen HP also comming out in June with a similar kind of toy. This will be a hot summer ;-)

Posted by Arne Hess on 25.04.05 - 17:26:07

Yeah, when I saw the new HP MCE I wasn't sure if the Shuttle is the right one or not. Nevertheless, both MCE have the design I prefer over the standard, boring tower design (which is good enough for offices but not for living rooms).

As you say, it will become a hot summer. big_smile

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