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THOUGHT: If Outlook Mobile works better than Outlook 2007
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 21.11.07 - 14:19:20 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 10996x
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Well, that's an interesting finding. In most minds (including my own), the "Pocket " in "Pocket PC" stands for a somewhat smaller, maybe more feature limited PC and indeed - even with today's Windows Mobile ARM CPUs up to 600 MHz and more, Windows Mobile Pocket PCs aren't designed to replace a PC but to  supplement a PC while on the go.
But interesting enough, yesterday my Pocket PC showed me and E-Mail which failed to be shown on my full featured PC's Outlook 2007.

I got a replay from a company regarding a question I had and the reply I received on my PC only showed me my original text (the pixilated text bellow) but not the expected answer from the sender (green highlighted space which was empty):

So I thought it was a mistake and the replying party hit the send button accidentally before writing a single word. So I decided to reply to let the sender know that I haven't received anything meaningful but thankfully I didn't because I had to leave for a meeting.
While I was on the way to the meeting, I've checked my E-Mails again - this time from my Windows Mobile smartphone and I stumbled across the previously mentioned E-Mail when I decided to quick-reply from my smartphone and I couldn't believe what I was seeing there: The E-Mail, which doesn't contained any further text on my PC, contained the missing answer on my Windows Mobile device:

I have no idea why a "Pocket PC" smartphone shows me the answer while my fully featured Outlook 2007 decided not to show anything but it's interesting to see how different the same E-Mail appears on different devices.
And now I also know why Windows Mobile's Outlook isn't called Pocket Outlook anymore but Outlook Mobile. It might not features the latest and greatest enhancements but it does what I expect from an E-Mail program: Showing received E-Mails (and thanks to HTML support it shows the E-Mails even better now).

Cheers ~ Arne


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