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THOUGHT: Is mobile/wireless Voice over IP an option for you?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 26.02.03 - 21:02:00 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 6536x
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I'm just playing (testing it for the review) with Pocket Presence's Running Voice IP solution in my home environment using my Desktop, my Notebook and My Pocket PCs to communicate (talk) between all the devices and it works pretty well! The sound is fantastic and it's easy to handle and I think about VoIP as an alternative in public W-LAN hotspots to GSM voice.
We have seen a lot of announcements during the past months that even companies like Motorola or Nokia and Siemens announced developments in this area and I wonder how you guys see that future?

Could Voice over IP be an alternative for you I mean let us think about a scenario where you are abroad, you have a broadband Internet connection in your hotel room, could you imagine to use it to make phone calls to your home country?
Or another scenario: you carry your for voice calls optimized Pocket PC (like the HP iPAQ H5400 where the speaker is on top and the microphone on the bottom) with you and you are in a public W-LAN hotspot. Would you call someone else via VoIP if you know that the other person has also its Pocket PC by hand or even better, a Smartphone with Wi-Fi CF card?
Or think about my previous column "DATA Roaming: Traveling abroad - Traveling (dis)connected", could you imagine to use your Wi-Fi enabled Pocket PC or Smartphone to be used as voice terminal in Starbucks?

As you guys here are the real wireless early adaptors please use the poll to tell me what you think about these possibilities and what are "must haves" for a wireless VoIP service? Please feel free to add you comments below!

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Steve Garran on 26.02.03 - 00:00:00

I've used VOIP with a dialup connection from Nepal back to the US and Australia. Over dialup its akin to the old days (15-20 years ago) of international calling.

However with broadband access, I'm very psyched about VOIP.

Posted by Helio Diamant on 27.02.03 - 00:00:00


I have been using VOIP for the last years from my PC for substituting international calls. The most limiting factor I have seen until today is the lack of compatibility between the different clients. It is still not something you just plug in and can call anyone that is connected with any client (something like saying that if I have a Panasonic phone I could not call people that use a Bellsouth or a Siemens phone).

Does RVIP change anything in this meaning?


Posted by Arne Hess on 27.02.03 - 00:00:00

No, don't get me wrong. Pocket Presence doesn't fixed anything here - no, I just got this thoughts while I've played with Running Voice IP and thought back to the past two weeks in Seattle and Cannes.
I thought about making voice calls from my hotel room to my girlfriend by using our T1 Internet access, I thought about communication between the Mobile Device MVPs on the Campus during the conference, I thought about voice calls to fixed line numbers on the congress, using SFR's W-LAN network instead of doing this with my GSM phone.
It's just some general thoughts, not really related to Pocket Presence's Running Voice IP.

Posted by heliod on 27.02.03 - 00:00:00

Yes, I know what you mean. I just thought that maybe you had some news.

While in Seattle I did do voice calls to my family using MSN Messenger Voice conversation feature. Worked perfectly, since we had Broadband and MSN Messenger in both sides.

However, the only news I see in this area is with Portrait, which can connect into MSN Messenger Voice Conversations and also into Netmeeting ILS Voice conversations, besides its own conversation with other Portrait clients.

I am waiting to hear about some more openness.


Posted by Phillip Mobin on 09.03.03 - 00:00:00

I am very heavily involved with VOIP gateways internationally, voice switching, SS7 etc.  At the same time, I am very interested and active in pocketpc innovations specifically its phone side.  I am looking into things like prepaid debit, new features from a phone company (mine) in the path of the caller and the cell carrier and right now we have found a solution that for a small fraction of a penny per minute, we can be in the loop.  We are in the midst of experimenting with such possibilities and the R&D should bear fruit later this year.  We are interested in parties that can help us design a new whole phone application with the pocketpc phone edition which can be much easier to use in any environment especially a car.  So with all of that said, our interest at Simulsync (another company I am involved with) is simulteneous voice and data.  As such a voip cisco style solution to our gateway can provide 8k voice codec and leave the rest of the gprs or even possibly a gsm dial up available for data.  I have an interest in this regard to voip over pocketpc (voipopp!). 

Talk to me.
Phillip Mobin

Posted by Nicholas Williams on 12.03.03 - 00:00:00


Could you or anyone advise me where you can download the VO IP application??  Very intreasted.

Regards, Nicholas

Posted by Alastair on 30.06.03 - 14:21:35

Can the iPAQ 5450 or 5550 be used as a mobile phone? There is a SIM Card slot behind the battery that does not seem to work

Posted by Arne Hess on 30.06.03 - 15:37:08

@Alastair: No, none of today's H5000 iPAQs can be used as a GSM/GPRS device.

There was a GSM version in planning some months ago but it was canceled.

The reason for the SIM card slot on the backside is simply because the GSM iPAQ was planned on that platform too and therefore it was prepared but it doesn't contains a GSM/GPRS radio module!

Posted by Todd S. Sherman on 06.08.03 - 20:40:26


First off I wanted to comment about how none of the iPAWs can be used as a GSM/GPRS device.  This is not true, if you have a CF slot on your iPAQ (I have the h2215) will soon be able to get a card that will turn your PPC into a phone.  My damn cordless mouse just died so I am not going through the trouble to find the link, copy it and paste it back here but if you search google for: dave "pocket pc" gsm gprs

you will find a review of the product on Dave's iPaq page.  Right now I have the h2215 as I stated with an Ambicom wifi card that I use for email and IM'ing at school.  I have looked into the voice over IP stuff but no applications seem to offer what I was hoping for (free phone calls on my pocket PC)  Ahhh... remember the days of  Anyway, I am willing to pay (preferably pre-pay) in order to make calls from my pocket PC over my schools wifi connection.  Anyone know of a service/application that does this??  Running voice IP light can only make calls to people on "your network" which is pretty useless to me.  please feel free to email me if you have any info.



Posted by Lee Marc on 24.11.04 - 19:45:03

[5]  [5] Contact me.

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