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THOUGHT: Is Spam the carriers "best friend"?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 20.02.05 - 14:57:02 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 9507x
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As always - if you connect your E-Mail server, doesn't matter if wired from your PC or wireless from your mobile device - you get tons of spam and same happened this year in Cannes for sure. However - as I've written many times before - it bothers me more if I download spam through a GPRS connection then downloading it through my DSL flat-fee (where it only bothers me in terms of time it takes to get it deleted) and it bothers me even more if I'm in International Roaming! :twisted:

Nevertheless, this time in Cannes I got the thought that <sarcasm> spam might be carrier's best friend </sarcasm>?

I've calculated it a bit and "enlarging my 'you know what I mean', making my girlfriend even more happy or getting software even cheaper than in the Microsoft store" cost me around 10,00 Euro for the three days I was in Cannes. No wonder - my PPCW.Net E-Mail address is public and my business address is semi-public. And if I check my carrier's homepage for GPRS roaming fees, both - the International Roaming carrier and my home network made a good deal with the spam. Even worse - I have an E-Mail address with my home network as well (as most of the carriers offer now) and also there I get tons of spam mails where I think they are either not filtering proper or they don't filter at all. :-(

So how to get rid of spam on your mobile device? A spam client (like Outlook 2003 - which is working pretty got on PCs to put spam into the trash) on your mobile device doesn't helps at all because in this case you've already downloaded and paid the spam. I'm claiming a server based spam filters from a) my hosting providers which hosts my E-Mail accounts and b) carriers who are offering E-Mail services and sometimes notifies you via SMS if a new E-Mail has arrived (an SMS you have to pay for so they double the revenue).

Is it that hard to protect customers better? And hey, I'm not talking about free E-Mail services like Hotmail or Gmail, I'm talking about E-Mail services I'm paying for monthly!

But back to the initial question: "is spam the carriers best friend"? I think so - yes and so far I haven't seen real initiatives from GSM carriers around the world to join anti-spam initiatives. :-( Time to wake-up and to join the AOL's and Microsoft's who try harder (now) to make the E-Mail world a better world.

Cheers ~ Arne


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