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THOUGHT: Is the HTC Wizard the follower of the HTC Magician?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 05.06.05 - 18:26:22 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 14576x
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Over the past weeks, we have learned and heard a lot about a new HTC Pocket PC Phone Edition called "HTC Wizard" and I had a deeper look into the leaked specifications as well as the leaked picture from PocketPC but honestly, I don't think we got the final information yet, neither in terms of the ID nor in terms of the specifications.

According to PocketPC, the Wizard is expected to run with a Texas Instruments OMAP 850 processor which I can not believe t all. So far, HTC never used TI OMAP CPUs for non-iPAQ Pocket PCs and there is no reason to introduce a ODM device with such a slow CPU. TI OMAP 850 CPUs are designed to work with a maximum speed of 200 MHz only, while the latest HTC Pocket PC Phone Editions use Intel's Xscale based Bulverde CPUs > 400 MHz (like the HTC Magician (416 MHz), HTC's Alpine (520 MHz) or HTC's first Magneto device, the HTC Universal (520 MHz)). So I think HTC collected a good knowledge to use Bulverde CPUs for Pocket PC Phone Editions and changing the core platform always requires a complete redevelopment which costs money and takes time.

However, the rest of the leaked specifications sounds reasonable except the keyboard: why should the follower of the Magician should have a keyboard? For me this sounds more like the follower of the HTC Blue Angel (O2 Xda III/IIs) but in a nicer form factor.

Industrial Design (ID)
A closer look to the leaked picture unveils a camera on top of the display. A self-portrait camera for 2.5G devices where video calls aren't part of the 2.5G specifications yet nor offered in any GSM networks?

Sorry, but I don't expect to see a camera for the 2.5G follower of the Magician (which the Wizard is announced to be) and for me the leaked photo (or better drawing) seems to be a 3G version/mockup of a device which might be under investigation but which isn't announced yet.

Final Conclusion

I don't want to be too negative here and I'm sure HTC and the carriers are already working on a follower of the HTC Magician which might be called HTC Wizard and will includes for sure (I think) W-LAN as well as Windows Mobile 5.0 and more. Nevertheless I'm sure it will neither includes a under-powered TI OMAP CPU nor a self-portrait camera - as long as it isn't a 3G device which wouldn't be a follower of the Magician at all but a complete new device.
So yes, I think there is a device in the pipeline which might be called Wizard and maybe it will includes a keyboard (even if it would be a follower of the Blue Angel then - in terms of my very own definition). Also I can believe it will become smaller then today's Blue Angel - more Magician like but no way we will see it running a TI OMAP CPU nor it will includes a self-portrait camera.

Cheers ~ Arne