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THOUGHT: No GPS solution for the Microsoft Smartphone? Why?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 17.01.04 - 19:08:14 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 6383x
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This is something for the weekend and for the developers. I just had a chat with Guillaume from GpsPasSion and we wondered, why we still don't have any basic GPS applications for the Smartphone? I mean, we are not talking about the hancy fancy mapping and navigation software like TomTom or Destinator but something simple which gives you at least your position, your current speed and a kind of compass. Something basic like "JGUI's Where Am I" for Pocket PCs:

Because the HTC Phone Editions (Wallaby and Himalaya) has the same connectors like the HTC Smartphones (Canary, Tanager and Voyager) it shouldn't be that difficult to start with a basic project like that because you could use the existing GPS equipment from the Phone Edition (at least I also use my old iPAQ H3600 GPS receiver with a xda adapter to charge my Smartphone in rental cars) to connect a GPS receiver with the HTC Smartphone and I still wonder why nobody has developed anything so far?
Is it because of the missing market penetration of Microsoft Smartphone, is it because of the missing interests in supporting this platform, is it because - why ever? At least for the Symbian platform there are tons of applications which do it. :?
For sure a more fancy Bluetooth connection between a Bluetooth GPS receiver and a HTC Voyager would be even cooler but why to wait for that and not starting with what we already have in place (because the Voyager needs the same Serial Bluetooth fix like the Himalaya needs).

So any "GPS developers" out there who can explain me why we haven't seen any GPS apps for Smartphone so far? Do you need any support - if so from whom and which? At least something like above would be a first step... ;-)

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Nick on 18.01.04 - 02:26:48

Good question I also thought about.

I would like to use my Smartphone with GPS on my mountainbike. Bluetooth would be perfect but a serial would be a start.

Thanks for bringing this topic up!

Posted by Simon on 18.01.04 - 12:17:34

This is one where the Symbian boys have the edge:


GPS Disp

Wayfinder, and many more


Posted by Roger on 25.02.04 - 16:06:36

A complete offboard navigation has been launched by Orange France on monday, during the 3GSM world congress.

Developped by webraska, working with a serial gps on SPVE100 and E200. Bluetooth will come, as soon as connection issues are solved... if you can help...

Posted by Gary on 16.06.04 - 11:17:39

[3] Yes, all well and good; but why does it have to be an off board solution????  Using Mappoint or Autoroute, I can create maps of an area I am going to be (North Wales is my fave place for getting lost!) and then use a version pocket streets for Smartphone that DOES support GPS, or something other package.  I am not a great fan of buying maps when I want them (mapopolis) when I have a fully fledged mapping product.  Also, with SD cards at £30 per 256MB and a map the size of North Wales being around 3MB, this is all completely achievable.  I use three large maps for, N Wales, Oxforshire and Buckinghamshire and still have hundreds of megabytes free for my snapshots!!  I am not sure what is so difficult here.

SPV E200 with 256MB SD mem card

Posted by ADAM SMITH on 16.06.04 - 18:22:55

Me and two university friends have made a gps mapping application for smartphones for our final year project. It will connect over bluetooth to any GPS device that has a numerical bonding password. (problems with navman as "NAVMAN" is the password, bit difficult typing that in using letters on a smartphone). 

You think there is a market for this software??

anyone who would like to see is welcome

just leave e-mail


Posted by Rich on 31.10.05 - 20:56:14

I'd certainly like to to such a product - would you like someomne to beta-test it?

Posted by Rich on 31.10.05 - 20:58:13

sorry about the typos....

I'd certainly like to see such a product - would you like someone to beta-test it?

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