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THOUGHT: Remote ActiveSync, the forgotten feature
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Sunday, 15.06.03 - 13:37:37 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 9235x
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For most of us who synchronize our Pocket PCs or Smartphones to Outlook on our desktop PCs, we rely on either wired (via serial or USB connection) or unwired (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) connections. But rarely do I hear people who actually ActiveSync their devices via modem connections. It is just too bad that this feature is almost forgotten and more or less, rarely discussed. Is it an unnecessary feature? I believe not.

Looking back at the time when I installed ActiveSync for my Pocket PC, there were several readme files in the ActiveSync folder in the desktop PC. One of them was titled ReadRAS.doc. The file contains the most basic instructions on how to create a remote AcitveSync connection to the PC. This, I had to try and have on one time or another relied on it for synchronizing critical data.

ActiveSync is the most basic connection to a desktop PC available to every Pocket PC or Smartphone user, but it is also one that is easily overlooked. This is actually one of the good features of ActiveSync and the whole design of Windows powered mobile devices synchronizing data with a Windows desktop PC.

Remote ActiveSync is no different from doing it via a physical connection, except that you'd be able to do this about anywhere you may be located and anytime you wish to for as long as your desktop PC is connected to a modem.

Dialing up to a desktop PC at 9.6K isn't that bad either. It is more than enough for basic PIM synchronization, but of course if you add email synching to it, then it may take a while longer. All that is needed is that your Windows Powered Mobile device has an existing partnership with your desktop PC which is running as a dial-up server and all should be smooth sailing from there.

You might want to give Remote ActiveSync a try. Who knows, someday, it may be your life saver.

Mabuhay ~ Carlo


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Posted by Arne Hess on 15.06.03 - 15:32:49

Yes, you are absolute right BUT what I want to see supported by Microsoft is remote synchronization via public IP networks named GPRS without the need for using MIS or Exchange 2003 servers, at least not for individuals!

Wouldn't it be cool not to be forced to add several POP3 accounts to Inbox (on Pocket PCs only while Smartphones supports one POP3 account only) to get the latest E-Mails but simply synchronizing the Windows device with the home PC where Outlook is running anyhow.

Today, where we talk about broadband access with flat fees it would be the perfect way for me to access my E-Mails, in that case I even could live with the Smartphone limitation of having one POP3 account only.

What I hear all the time is that this isn't a default configuration (Flat broadband connectivity with static IP address) but I even don't need a static IP address if I use dynamic DNS forwarding services...

So yes, as nice Remote ActiveSync via a Modem is, as better a public IP Remote ActiveSync support would be (specially because my PC doesn't has a Modem anymore) without hacking the registry, using Marc's IP config tool, etc...

Please Microsoft, hear my voice and add this to ActiveSync 4.0 (when ever it will be released but personally I think AS 3.x is on the limit now).

Posted by Dan on 16.06.03 - 07:09:35

All very good thoughts. Amazing how slow and forgetful is "progress". The original Sharp Zaurus ZR-5800 of the early 1990's had a very nice GUI remote (modem) client with which not only could you sync applications, but also perform file transfers with the remote PC - even with the PC's mapped network drives! Where is that feature on the "modern" portable devices? Shame on Microsoft!

Posted by Michael CW Leung on 12.07.05 - 04:47:54

I am a dummy on Smartphone Remote Synchronization but I was assigned to identify "how to do it" for my boss.

Actually, I not mind to subscribe any service that supports O2 remote synchronization. The time being, sorry i not find.

Personally, this feature is very impressign to Smartphone user. You imagine why mobile user need to use relatively large size fo mobile walking on street. Coz it is reachbility issue.

Due to job nature, my boss often not avaliable to sit in office. He need to access & update his phonebook and schedule remotely.

Can anyone expert help?


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