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THOUGHT: SMS Spam rips-off the User
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 26.01.04 - 17:08:37 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 7510x
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Woohoo, on weekend I received a mysterious SMS message which is a serious rip-off. The (German) text was as following:

Hi, where are you right now?? We wanted to meet... Awaiting your SMS. Best regards A.
Max 2.00 Euro per SMS (Vodafone charge 0.12 Euro)

Well, I don't know anyone in my private environment who has a direct (corporate) access to a SMSC (Short Message Service Center) and who charges me 2 (in words two) Euro per SMS. 8O That's a serious rip-off, tolerated by the carriers who provided this access!
A friend of mine, who works for a carrier tested some of this "chat" services and they were more then dumb like

  • SMS Service: Which mobile phone do you have
  • Friend: I'm using a Nokia phone
  • SMS Service: Great, I have a Siemens too

He continued this conversation and finally paid around 20 Euro for nothing, to get a response like "I have a Siemens phone too" even if he is using a Nokia not a Siemens. So this services are so dump that I can only warn to use them.

However, using such a service is the one - being spammed is something different and this is something which really annoys me! I'm already bombed by spam day in day out on my PC but getting these kind of rip-off spam's on a mobile phone makes me wonder how long SMS continues to be a success before a user is so pissed that he will disable SMS; especially if you are in International Roaming where you might be also charged for incoming SMS messages!

Cheers ~ Arne