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THOUGHT: Stay Independent and Connected with Windows Mobile
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 18.04.07 - 12:36:11 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 13891x
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Like most US American Starbucks, also most German Starbucks offers WiFi-based Internet access (unfortunately without the free Windows Vista WiFi promotion) through T-Mobile's HotSpot network and when I was at my favorite Starbucks yesterday, I first used one of the WiFi networks available there. However, something went wrong during the afternoon and the WiFi fade away. Not a real problem at all, thanks to my Windows Mobile equipped UMTS device which I've fired up the same time and which I've used as a unwired broadband modem instead:

However, for some reasons, that Starbucks also seems to be "the meeting place" for female Apple Mac users. During the 4 hours I've worked and relaxed there, I saw three women with Macs (and not a single Windows user except me). For the first, the WiFi seemed to work well - at least she spent 30 minutes or so in front of her Mac, the second closed the lid pretty soon after she took place - looks like she noticed that the WiFi was down. The third came over to me and asked me if the Internet is working. So I told her "yes, it is - thanks to *Windows* Mobile :P".
Unfortunately I wasn't able to share my connection with here - sharing in a hassle-free mode without configuring our WiFis as ad-hoc networks etc.
While Windows Mobile features now a functionality called Internet Sharing, which was introduced with Windows Mobile 5.0 AKU 3 and is also part of Windows Mobile 6, Internet Connection cannot work as a wireless broadband hub to share the connection through Bluetooth with several PCs at the same time, even if Bluetooth can handle simultaneous connections without any problems. So I wasn't able to create a wireless broadband hub I had happily shared with her but anyway - the woman walked away that fast that I wasn't able to speak with here and to explain here why *Windows* Mobile is that cool. Well, maybe she was way too much Apple minded (and when she heard Windows her blood frosted) or just in a hurry.

Anyway - it's always good to have a fallback solution in the pocket and my Internet fallback is called Windows Mobile which worked fine so far with all my Notebooks - as long as I had Microsoft's Bluetooth stack running but that's a different story.

What's about you - do you use your Windows Mobile as a wireless modem as well?

Cheers ~ Arne


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