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THOUGHT: The Bluetooth standard lacks a priority profile
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 26.04.06 - 20:08:39 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 17616x
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Yes, I'm a big fan of Bluetooth and I'm using for a couple of cable replacements: at home I'm using a wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse as well as a (stereo) Bluetooth headset for Skype/VoiP as well as listen audio from my Windows Media Center Edition.
On the go, I'm using another Bluetooth mouse for my Notebook and my Pocket PCs as well as a Bluetooth keyboard for the same Pocket PCs. For sure I'm also using a (stereo) headset for my Smartphone for both - voice calls and to listen my music, same with my iPod and last but not least my Smartphone is connected to my Bluetooth car kit while driving. A lot of Bluetooth around me and I simply like the simplicity of use, for instance Bluetooth Active sync, beaming and receiving files to and from Notebooks or other PDAs etc.
However, there is one thing in the Bluetooth standard which annoys me: there is no priority of devices. For instance if I walk to my car, for sure I have my phone connected to my headset, to listen music and to have phone calls. If I start the car, my car kit turns on and normally connects with my phone, if it isn't connected to another Bluetooth headset. If it is connected, it doesn't connects. And here I see the problem: I have to turn off my headset before I start my car, otherwise the car kit will not connect with the phone. How annoying! Why does I have to take care about it? If there would be a priority option, I could setup the car kit as priority one and the headset as priority two. Means if a/the priority one device is in range, it takes-over the connection. If this connection isn't available anymore, the priority two device takes the connection back.
This would be convenient but no, I have to switch off my headset before I enter my car to use the car kit to switch on the headset again if I leave the car.

Bluetooth Special Interest Group: Please improve this user experience in one of your next specifications, please.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Starr Million on 27.04.06 - 03:56:36

Hey Arne -- good point. I use my mobile phone and headset when not in my car and connect to my Acura TL system when I'm in the car and have had the same problem when getting in and out of the car. FYI I lead public relations in the US for the Bluetooth SIG and have brought your comment to the executive director's attention. He had actually just been looking into this issue and it appears that it's likely something that phone manufacturers could implement (since the phone is the common device in this scenario, it seems reasonable that something in the UI of the phone when pairing could allow the user to prioritize devices with which to connect). We appreciate your thoughts!
- Starr Million
INK Public Relations for Bluetooth SIG

Posted by Arne Hess on 27.04.06 - 19:43:10

Starr, thanks for reading my thoughts and bringing it to the attention of the BSIG Exec. Good news that this kind of "profile" already exists but I have never seen it in non of my devices, neither PC equipment nor mobile phone or accessories. Are you sure that a) it is really used and b) the Bluetooth developers knows about it exists!? ;-)
I mean we have specified many things in many white papers (not only Bluetooth but GSM, GPRS, UMTS, EV-DO, etc) but only half of the stuff is actually used, I think and maybe developers misses some interesting stuff and opportunities.
Maybe you guys can bring this topic to the attention of the SIG members too. :-)

Again, thanks for reading the:::unwired forum and proving such a valuable feedback here as well.

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