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THOUGHT: The silent death of the Motorola MPx Pocket PC Phone Edition
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 02.05.05 - 20:50:00 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 13869x
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While I was pretty happy to announce - back on 3GSM Congress - the European availability of the MPx, last week we have heard of the official end of Motorola's MPx Pocket PC Phone Edition (which started its career in Cannes also, but one year ago).

Also last Friday I got my MPx updated - officially to the latest ROM and it's sad to see it will never make it to the market anymore since Motorola worked hard over the past weeks to get it updated and workable as good as possible and as much as the limited 32 MB allows it.

So the last ROM version (there are newer anyway but they don't work on my device) is ROM build 2.0418.0409 and it still leaves around 23 MB RAM and 16 MB residential flash memory only for the user:

Nevertheless, Motorola tried hard to "solve" the memory problem and even added the "close" functionality as well as a kind of auto-close (close - not hide) if you close the cover:

The latest ROM even includes Microsoft's AKU 2.0 which also includes Windows Media Player 10 Mobile, so OS-wise the Motorola MPx is still state of the art:

But as I said before, we will not see it anymore in any shops or at least it's most unlikely.

So it's time to say good bye to a follower who never made it to the masses. Nevertheless, thanks Motorola for introducing such a revolutionary design - at least it was a great "proof of concept" device which showed us what a Pocket PC Phone Edition can looks like. Bye bye MPx - may he rest in peace.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by The MPx on 02.05.05 - 22:50:49

I read your story about the MPx.

I bought one (Malaysia) a few months ago and use it every day.

I m not a very 'intensive' user so for me it works fine.

I take some photo's write notes play MP3 and even use TomTom.

I really absolute don't understand now the MPx is pretty 'finisched' and for the average people workabele they stoped the production.

A lot of people who see me work or see the phone are impressed.

Very strange from Motorola.

On the website from the MPx is still on and still for sale in Malaysia.

I'm glad i have one.

Posted by MPx on 02.05.05 - 22:54:58

Arne where did you updated your phone

My ROM is dated Nov 28 2004 ?


Posted by Arne Hess on 02.05.05 - 22:59:26

The MPx wrote:

I'm glad i have one.

And you can be glad to have one of the few commercial units! I think the reason why it will not make it to the western hemisphere is:

a) Tough competition with other devices like HP's, O2's, Orange's T-Mobile's, and so on Pocket PC Phone Editions
b) It's too expensive compared to these devices (buying price for carriers)
c) It's not competitive enough compared to other devices carriers can get for less

So beside the technical reasons not to launch it here, there are some commercial reasons as well (IMHO).

Nevertheless, I'm still using it too but since I have my i-mate JAM and the Bluetooth keyboard, I use it less (the i-mate JAM aka HTC Magician is a good example for a tough competition).

Posted by Arne Hess on 02.05.05 - 23:58:48

MPx wrote:

Arne where did you updated your phone

My ROM is dated Nov 28 2004 ?

I got it from Motorola. You might want to ask your local Motorola service center.

Posted by jomni on 03.05.05 - 02:31:48

I also read somewhere that Motorola is in disagreement with the ODM (Original Device Manufacturer) of the MPx due to quality reasons (speculation).  Since they don't want to continue doing business with the ODM, no one will mass produce the MPx anymore.  They're just selling the remaining units in some countries (mostly asian). 

Read the article below: … ;sid2=1581

Posted by Ralph Hoogerhuis on 03.05.05 - 10:10:48

Arne, is there some way to e-mail or send me the ROM? In The Netherlands the MPx is not supported at all!

Posted by peebee on 03.05.05 - 10:14:54

hmm a great phone put to rest sad When I saw it first it was love (expensive love) And now the time has come to say goodbye ?

I'll start crying wink

Posted by Ralph Hoogerhuis on 03.05.05 - 10:31:47

Arne - do you want to sell you MPx?

Posted by Arne Hess on 03.05.05 - 10:57:27

Ralph Hoogerhuis wrote:

Arne, is there some way to e-mail or send me the ROM? In The Netherlands the MPx is not supported at all!

I can't - I got it flashed and don't have the ROM here.

Ralph Hoogerhuis wrote:

Arne - do you want to sell you MPx?

No, I don't want as you can imagine. wink It's the only one I got and it's a sample pre-production unit with a different keyboard layout - not to mention the camera which isn't working well. All picutres are rotated 90°. sad

Posted by XzaniX on 03.05.05 - 11:40:35

Seems like the MPX is getting to be a collector piece big_smile Sad in fact for Motorola WM based smartphones, they annouced several good ones, MPX100, MPX300 and now, nothing sad

Posted by Arne Hess on 03.05.05 - 12:58:29

Yeah, I was excited too when I saw the MPx100 the first time. I still think it's (was) one of the best candy-bar Smartphones, seen so far (no, I don't like the C500 that much).

Posted by Jon Westfall on 03.05.05 - 17:36:11

Arne, what were the keyboard differences between the pre-production units and the productions? I have one that I believe is pre-production but don't know what to look for!  BTW, this is a great piece, I've expanded on it with a few of my thoughts for a piece on PPCT later today.

Posted by Arne Hess on 03.05.05 - 18:20:04

Even if you can not see too much on the photo below, you might recognize the blue square button in the lower left corner. This is typical for early pre-production devices.
Also the send/end button was changed.

Posted by micaels on 03.05.05 - 22:08:12

Do you think I could just call my local motorla service center and ask them if they have one for sale? Because the MPX have not been advertised at all in Sweden.

Posted by Arne Hess on 03.05.05 - 22:12:19

No, I don't think they will sell it if it wasn't released. For manufactures it's about branding and warranty and keep in mind, they had good reasons not to launch it in Sweden.
Maybe you can catch one in ebay but don't expect to get one from your local Motorola branch.

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