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THOUGHT: Touch - the Industry's new Buzz Word?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 07.09.07 - 13:49:40 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 14342x
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Looks like the mobile devices industry is going crazy over a simple word: Touch. Sure, touch has something warm, personal and maybe even romantic and I can understand why HTC gave the HTC Elf the commercial name HTC Touch.
However, now even Apple released a "Touch"-product - in this case the iPod touch which makes sense as well; both devices - the HTC Touch and the iPod touch - have one thing in common - the touch display which is used to use the device - more or less (no - I don't want to wonder now why the iPhone isn't called iPhone Touch as well - that's a total different story).

Anyway, we are talking about touch screen and therefore I was even more astonished yesterday, when I saw the following Palm Treo ad on the::unwired:

The Touch rectangle above was an animation (sorry - I wasn't able to record it as a video) but the bottom-line of the animation was, that I can enter a phone number using the Palm Treo keypad. Sure I'm using the keypad, what else? Though where does the buzz word Touch came from and where does it makes sense here?
I don't get it but I think Touch is definitely the buzz word at the moment which makes me thinking of renaming the::unwired to the::touch. What do you think, does it makes sense? However, if I will rename it, I will also shift the focus from Windows Mobile devices only to the HTC Touch, the Apple iPod touch (but not the iPhone since this isn't a touch device ;-) and for sure the Palm Treo (since it is a typical touch device ;-) only! ;-)

Cheers ~ Arne


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