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THOUGHT: W-LAN roaming business models which will never work - here E-Plus
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 02.04.04 - 12:43:35 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 6344x
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Today, German GSM and UMTS operator E-Plus proudly presented their first Wi-Fi roaming agreement with  Airnyx, which allows E-Plus customers to use Airnyx Wi-Fi HotSpots - currently available at gas stations only.

While we discussed the sense or no-sense earlier, when Agip (an Italian owned gas station) announced it's cooperation agreement with Airnyx, today E-Plus also announced the price plans to use the HotSpots and hell, I don't know what they had in mind but for sure they don't want to make Wi-Fi a success at all:

"E-Plus Online WLAN" costs 12 Euro Cents (0.15 US Dollar) per minute with a minimum usage-time of 30 minutes which is 3,60 Euro (4.45 US Dollar) for 30 minutes W-LAN on a gas station. 8O
For me, that's the value of around 1.5 MB in my current GPRS plan and for 1.5 MB I can surf a lot, with a Notebook but even more with a Pocket PC with disabled images. And for just picking up E-Mails I need a couple of 100 KB only which also takes some minutes only.
For sure I will not park 30 minutes in front of a gas station just to use my prepaid 30 minutes account. :x
Is E-Plus not aware of the fact that nobody will stay in front of a gas station for 30 minutes, just to surf the web (within this time I already found 3 non-protected W-LAN in every bigger city which lets me surf for free) or does they really believe into this business model? :lol:

Come on guys, you need some advice on how the mobile data world is working. This is - for sure - the wrong way!

Cheers ~ Arne