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THOUGHT: We need a new ActiveSync
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 01.02.04 - 18:48:20 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 6741x
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Okay, this thought isn't new but with the introduction of Microsoft's Smartphone it's more urgent than before!
Why does I think we need a new one? Just because now more and more people will have two Microsoft Windows Mobile devices: a Pocket PC (phone Edition) and a Smartphone.
The problem of Active Sync is it's able to synchronize to one connected device only - the second device, which might be connected also - is ignored by Active Sync. So you as a user are forced to do the "DJ" aka Device Jockey. Plug it in, remove it, plug in the the other device, remove it again - just to get all your Outlook data synchronized. :-(

I already had this problem before with my different Pocket PCs but honestly - these days it wasn't a real problem for Microsoft because for that couple of geeks who had more than one device it was a natural limitation. But now, where also the "regular" user might have two different Windows Mobile devices we truly need a new ActiveSync architecture which is able to handle (at least) two Windows Mobile devices (maybe even more if Microsoft's "Media2Go" also use ActiveSync for file synchronization) in parallel.

Wonder what's the plans from Redmond are and when we will see ActiveSync XY.Z which hopefully features simultaneous sync and device handling!

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Arne Hess on 01.02.04 - 23:14:09

With ActiveSync's supposed capability to continuously synchronize with Outlook, it shouldn't really be a problem for as long as there are two device ID's (which normally would be the case with a Smartphone and a Pocket PC)

I too am hoping that Microsoft comes out with one that allows for real time, multi-device synchronizations with Outlook...



Posted by Jayson on 02.02.04 - 01:18:01

I get your point and there are a lot of people like you... But personally I don't find any good reason of having to own a PPC and a Smartphone at the same time.  I'd rather have a PPC and a standard mobile phone, or better yet a PPC Phone Ed (which I already have now).

Posted by Arne Hess on 02.02.04 - 11:27:37

@Jayson: The reason for having a PPC(PE) and a Smartphone is simple:

1st: The PPCPE doesn't fulfill your needs and therefore you go with a different one but a PPC only while you still need a mobile phone for sure. Having a PPC beside a SMP still makes sense in terms of applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Terminal Service Client, etc.

2nd: During business hours you use your PPCPE but in the evening/weekend you prefer to carry something lighter/smaller (like I do).

3rd: You got the PPCPE as a company phone but your still have your personal mobile phone (and because you are a geek you bought a Smartphone ;-)).

So you see - there are a lot of good reasons to have both devices.

Posted by Filip Norrgård on 02.02.04 - 13:06:58

I would too like to see ActiveSync do multiple clients. The Linux equivalent of ActiveSync, called SynCE, does do that as can be seen here:

The pictures in the link above shows 25 Pocket PCs syncing with one server. Now, that's geekily many Pocket PCs! wink

I'm amazed that it is even possible...

Posted by Jim Fowl on 02.02.04 - 15:16:08

Hi Arne, that's exactly how I use my XDA... During the week, I use my XDA for business, and at the weekends, I use either my SPV or MPx200.... As I don't need the full functionality of the PPCPE.....



Posted by jayson on 03.02.04 - 01:49:16

Now i get your point.  When you guys only need a phone (instead of a PDA) you'd rather bring along the smartphone... which is synchronied with the same information as you PPC (or PPCPE) minus the other programs.   That's why synchrinizing simultaneously is very important for you guys.  But in my case, one device is already enough...

Posted by M Berg on 08.02.04 - 14:19:29

Not to mention situation where mutiple family members have various phone devicews but only 1 pc to synchronize with.  i. i have xda--my wife has smart phone but we share home pc

Posted by Arne Hess on 08.02.04 - 14:41:36

But here you could use Windows XP with two different user abounts. I do the same for my girlfriend an me. If she uses my PC she logs in with her account to get her Outlook, not mine... ;-)

Cheers Arne (posted wireless)

Posted by M.Berg on 08.02.04 - 14:49:27

So 2 user outlook accounts cannot share the same address book?

Posted by Arne Hess on 08.02.04 - 14:59:11

No, not the same addressbook but completely different which makes sense for us since our contacts are completely different, like the appointments.

so for us it's important not to mix up our data while we are using the same pc and outlook.

Cheers Arne - still wireless using the Smartphone... ;-)

Posted by M.Berg on 08.02.04 - 15:27:05

Ok thanks for your comments.

Posted by Chris Craft on 13.02.04 - 02:12:42

I'd really like to see the next version of ActiveSync have built in GUI support for the GuestOnly mode for developers.  I hate having to set up a partnership for every device I connected to.

You can watch the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2003 presentation "Designing Mobile Applications: Programming to "Longhorn" Data Synchronization" which shows the future of "ActiveSync". 


Happy days are here again...

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