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THOUGHT: What - my girlfriend an "industrial-spy" because of her camera phone?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 31.07.05 - 22:28:59 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 11052x
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Don't worry, she isn't - for sure not but the story she told me yesterday just follows perfectly my earlier posting "What do you use your camera (phone) for?" I've asked you last Wednesday.
One use-case I forgot to highlight there (how can I forgot it) was that my girlfriend and I often send us MMS messages each other if one of us found something interesting for the other to buy.
For instance I bought a Notebook for her some years ago where I've checked the technical details in the shop but wanted to make sure she likes the design too. Therefore I sent her an E-Mail with some photos of the Notebook and a couple of minutes later she told me I should buy it. Easy, right?

Anyway, last week she was in a Marc O'Polo store and found some nice shoes for me, at least she thought I would like them but before buying them, she wanted to send me a MMS message with a shot of the shoes to confirm I will wear it and the salesman, she was talking with before, forbade her to make a shot of the shoes because "she could be a shoe designer who wants to make a photo of the shoes to copy them". 8O What!? :?

1st: Your shoes are in the Internet anyway so no reason to have a VGA photo only.
2nd: I've worked long enough in Asia myself to know how fashion is copied there: simply by buying a couple of samples and changing 3 to 7 criteria's!
3rd: All she wanted to do is to buy something for me (and paying you for) but making sure I will wear/like it.

I think sharing photos (via MMS or E-Mail) in such a situation is another useful case to use the mobile phone camera (I can even believe that this is a useful case for video calls), if shops will understand and support it. Smaller shops do, these warehouse-chains seems to have a problem to understand it (wasn't the first time it happened to us). :?

Cheers ~ Arne

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