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THOUGHT: What's wrong with Windows Mobile 5.0 and its streaming capabilities?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 06.08.05 - 21:07:30 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 17497x
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Today I was working on several Multimedia reviews including my promised highpad Media Control review and a Orb Networks comparison with the highpad Media Control client but unfortunately I noticed, that something went wrong with Microsoft's Windows Media Player 10 Mobile steaming capabilities and Windows Mobile 5.0.
In fact you you can not stream anymore! 8O Or at least I'm not able to get it working! :?

One of the benefits of highpad Media Control (as well as Orb) is to access your media content on your home PC remotely to get it streamed to your Pocket PC.
This works pretty good with a Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition device and Windows Media 10 Mobile:

However, if you try the same (using the same highpad Media Control client) with Windows Mobile 5.0 you get the following result:

The same happens with video streams, with Windows Mobile 2003SE it works, with 5.0 it doesn't:

My first thought was that highpad Media Control might be not "optimized" for use with Windows Mobile 5.0 (and indeed, it wasn't developed with Magneto in mind but anyway, everything else works fine as with Windows Mobile 2003SE) and therefore I've decided to try mobile (which is a Internet Explorer Mobile favorite also):

But when I've tapped a link I got this error message:

Next try was a live streaming of one of my Media Center PC radio station URLs which work on both, my Media Center PC and Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition:

With Windows Mobile 5.0, some of my live streams, others don't and stop after two seconds. Radio FFH is working and streaming constantly:

While Bayern 3 is stopping after 2 seconds:

Interesting enough that FFH, which is working, seems to encode with Windows Media 8 while Bayern 3 is encoding with Windows Media 9 (which is also used by highpad Media Control and Orb). Now I wonder if Windows Media 10 Mobile (running on Windows Mobile 5.0) isn't able to use the newer Windows Media 9 codec but the older Windows Media 8 only? :? I have no clue yet but have to investigate since otherwise, with Windows Mobile 5.0, my mobile Multimedia experiences would drop which I enjoy way too much to cancel it that easy.

Anybody here has an idea what's going wrong with Windows Mobile 5.0? by the way, I made the same experiences with my Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone, so it's platform related, not device related. :-(

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Darius Wey on 07.08.05 - 04:42:35

Hi Arne,

I've tried multiple streams in Windows Mobile 5.0 before and it's worked fine.

Here's an example of one using the WM9 codec. No skips or sudden cutouts whatsoever.

Is it possible that you may have some software installed that has broken the way Windows Mobile 5.0 handles streaming data?


Posted by Arne Hess on 07.08.05 - 12:16:27

Darius Wey wrote:

I've tried multiple streams in Windows Mobile 5.0 before and it's worked fine.
Is it possible that you may have some software installed that has broken the way Windows Mobile 5.0 handles streaming data?

Hi Darius!

No, I haven't installed anything, even made hard resets with the 3 devices I have here to test Orb out-of-the box (since it requires Internet Explorer Mobile and Windows Media 10 Mobile only) but without success.

Anyway, I have received an interesting E-Mail last night from one of our local User Group members (who is working in the broadcasting industry, so basically he knows what he is talking about):

Thomas M. (translation) wrote:

Right know, http streams aren't working but mms streams only but, the configured bandwidth has to be higher than the actual video bitrate.

This means it have to be configured to WiFi/LAN, everything else might not work.

I will track down this problem with him since he has some good access to streaming technologies. He also sent me links of two sample streams (video and audio) and both worked fine but the streams are "mms://stream." instead of "http://stream.".

Now I wonder how I can change Windows Media 9 to stream with mms instead of http since both services Orb and highpad Media Control do the encoding on my local machine with Microsoft's Windows Media Encoder 9 (in addition, Orb also the Helix server for 3GP encoding and streaming).

Nevertheless, it's pretty frustrating if you upgrade your device just to find out the services you was using before are broken now. And a Google search about mms vs. http haven't brought me any good results except this document: … otocol.doc

Posted by Darius Wey on 07.08.05 - 14:17:03

Very interesting. I'll look into it as well and see if I can find out anything.

Thanks for the reply, Arne!


Posted by Arne Hess on 08.08.05 - 15:38:37

Ok, I have informed the guys from Orb and highpad, maybe they know what's wrong or how to get it fixed. Looking forward their feedback.

Posted by galt on 10.09.05 - 08:39:44

Any news about this issue?  Has anyone from MS responded as to why the problem occurs and if it will be fixed?

Posted by XiliX on 07.10.05 - 09:52:29

I too am experiencing this problem. I ran across this page while
searching for help on my setup, which is:

Windows XP SP2 using Windows Media Encoder v9 to stream a security camera.
I get the same error, but changing the network speed under the
pocketPC player options seems to have no effect. The error comes
up fairly fast, almost like it's not really checking the destination

I tried some other content over at
and most of that stuff streams OK.  I also tried creating an .asx
file and putting it on a web server to no avail.

If you get an answer, please post it!


- XiliX

Posted by McMannus on 09.10.05 - 08:01:53

Im having the exact same problem...wmf axim x51v

Posted by McMannus on 09.10.05 - 08:02:38


Posted by Xilix on 14.10.05 - 10:47:31

Hi all -

I found the answer! I stumbled across the answer over at
on the ppc-6700 board.

To get it to work, just add a /* to the end of the URL.

Example: mms://123.456.789:8080/*

Works great!

Posted by Jacob on 20.10.05 - 11:04:22

thank you very much for the /*  fix.  i was getting very frusterated.  works wonderful now!

Posted by ern on 28.11.05 - 00:19:31

MM  I am still unable to stream music file from my pc.  Either over a direct wired connection or via wifi

any ideas


Posted by Scum on 10.12.05 - 15:40:19

You checked you got the port open on your XP firewall?

Posted by Scum on 10.12.05 - 15:42:13

btw using mms://myadd/* with the "/*" at the end of the url sloved my problems streaming from windows media encoder 9 on xp sp2 to my xda exec (htc universal) with wm5 on it.

Posted by Arne Hess on 12.12.05 - 00:08:20

Scum, it's not related to my firewall since I can stream from my PC with Windows Mobile 2003SE while I can't with Windows Mobile 5.0
Same if I try to stream public content from the Internet. All/most streams works great with 2003SE while some doesn't works with 5.0.

Posted by Kel on 20.01.06 - 21:44:05

Finally a solution.  Adding the "/*" to my http://server:port is working for me with WM5 and WMP10 Mobile


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